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  1. I still think having a default character with your username that you get to pick a class for would be a cool addition, but it sounds like Mr D isn’t a fan of the idea. I can dream though… Other than that, I think it’d be good to have some way to make low level items relevant in some way once you find upgrades. Item trading was one suggestion but I’m not a big fan of that, so instead maybe some way of either leveling old items or combining them with better items could be added? Maybe (a lot of) xp could be spent to level items instead, or a new facility to upgrade items using a lot of mone
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  2. Thanks for adding sorting for Items. It does help with searching for what to use. Long-term project idea: sorting and perhaps filtering of other lists, specifically Characters and Bases. Currently Characters are listed in ascending order by acquisition, but sorting by level and rarity makes sense, although no rush as it will take a while for many of us to get collections large enough. Base sorting would be highly appreciated. Sorting by distance should be the default, but often other properties would make sense. I can think of by base size, by army size, by defence size (useful when
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