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  1. The same rules do apply indeed and the AI is also a subject to the 1 hour cooldown (per base, same as players). The combat changes announcement referenced in my previous post applies to both players and the Ai, so you are also able to use your troops more efficiently in exactly the same way as the Ai. The only "unfair advantage" that the Ai has for now (as I do plan to adjust this in the future) is the ability to construct towers and missile launchers on lower level lands than players, that's it. And something tells me that if the Ai didn't have their own "invisible" pool of resources (and stole your resources from the map instead) that would be much more unfair towards players. As always, if the Ai becomes overly active all you have to do is destroy their base, then clean up the area from any remaining lands of terror. Peace and quiet guaranteed for 7 days. Once you've defeated their main army and destroyed the base it should not be an issue to keep them at bay and prevent from growing again.
  2. How do you know that the losses are not accumulated? Does each battle show a different number of enemy soldiers after dealing some damage? If yes, then you have been attacked by more than one base indeed: army-related numbers in combat are taken directly from the associated base and are updated in real time, so it is not possible to see different values for the same attacking base. However, if the number is synchronized between all 3 battles then everything is correct: the same army can participate in multiple attacks as per the combat rules update dated the 7th of April:
  3. Hi @Saltydog83, My apologies for a delay in response! Your inventory is only used to store items received from quests and produced on the Assembly Plant, while resources and their numbers appear directly in the top bar above the tabs (Earth View, My Lands etc.). When you say "captured resources" do you mean you've captured one of the stations (an oil rig, supply factory or a personnel recruitment beacon)? If yes, then you need to use the big "Collect Resources" button at the bottom of the "My Lands" tab to collect resources from all stations you linked to your base. If you meant that you've captured new lands using the "Land" (flag) button on "Earth View", then these cannot be picked up. They will, however, capture a resource station if you plant a flag on top of one. To pick up an individual resource, as suggested by @Kubogojev, you need to move close enough to it in the real world (less than 50m distance) and use the hand button then. If you tap on any resource icon on the map you should see a "Distance: " label on its tooltip explaining how far you are from that resource right now. I hope that helps, but please let me know if something still doesn't make sense!
  4. I have been thinking about something similar myself in the past, but I couldn't decide on the associated rule (i.e. what do you have to do to accumulate these captures) that wouldn't devalue land capture efforts invested by our players under the current mechanics. I am leaning towards these "extra captures" having a resource cost associated with them, but will need to think about all the options some more. I do like the idea of making this a new perk though!
  5. No problem, 360 UBT refunded for the last 5 slots; you should have 20 in total now. My apologies for that! Additional slot restored; you should now have 6.
  6. Negative, it is still possible to activate 10 concurrent items. It is ironic how consistently I am being perceived as a person with such a superfluous amount of free time that I have nothing better to do than mess around with the game's rules. The reality is that nothing would make me happier than not having to change anything in the game and knowing that "Domination: Earth" runs itself since everyone is already happy with what we've got (especially considering my 12-hour shifts the primary job... sometimes a break from writing code is all I want! ). However, behind every change there is a wave of emails and private messages from players who think the rules aren't quite right. So no, there is no such thing as a "problem that nobody but me had" in my world. In this case I have acted on a series of reports about the "overpowered" radius of 10 super magnets. Having reviewed all data and the way our players behave we agreed to make it more difficult to achieve this radius from the start. Additional 5 concurrently activated items are an advantage / shortcut to the travel-based resource collection mechanics and most shortcuts like that in DE cost Unobtainium, so this is no secret that the extra 5 slots are now a paid feature. Please understand that this change is not aimed at crippling yourself (to be honest, I did not expect you to notice much difference with 20 additional inventory slots already purchased, for which I am grateful, of course ), but designed to make it more difficult to mass-collect resources for average players, most of whom never upgraded their inventory at all. You did not overpay for the upgrades though as their cost is based on the number of unlocked slots above the base minimum, not the combined total, so anyone trying to purchase 20 additional slots today will spend the same amount of UBT as you did.
  7. Thanks for the report, @RobotWizard9! That doesn't sound right indeed; see my announcement regarding this subject:
  8. Hi all, It has come to my attention (thanks to a report by @RobotWizard9 ) that hundreds of players have been limited to only 3 inventory slots while others had access to 10 slots for quite some time. This is not an intended feature and I apologize for that, the situation wasn't really fair by any standard! Having reviewed the associated game mechanics it has been decided to set the new global default for inventory slots to 5: everyone's inventory slots have been adjusted accordingly. Extra slots received via Unobtainium upgrades remain unchanged. I understand that many of you are used to having 10 inventory slots from the start, but looking at the statistics and the overwhelming majority of players relying on a strategy of "vacuuming the city" by activating 10 super magnets as opposed to actually going somewhere, this seemed like a good moment to review the balance and bring a bit more value to physical travels again. I am also conscious that many quests offer more than 5 items as a reward; to counterbalance that it has now been allowed to receive quest reward items directly into your warehouse (regardless of its location) when your inventory is full. As always, please post if you have any questions or concerns!
  9. Server maintenance is now complete, no further downtime is expected. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
  10. Hi all, Version 2.3.1 went live last week for both Android and iOS, featuring a number of small changes: It is now possible to skip any tutorial step without completing its quest objective. Please note that no reward is given for skipped quests. Alliance list now shows green and red "bubbles" next to the member names to indicate their online presence for the purpose of resource sharing. Anyone who's been active within the last hour is considered "online". Performance improvements during display of a long list of notifications. Please post if you have any questions.
  11. Apologies for a delay with this; we are proceeding with the server maintenance today to get this over with ASAP. Game will be inaccessible within the hour.
  12. That's unfortunate, looks like the issue still exists! Will investigate as soon as I get a chance! In the meantime, I've applied a manual fix to your account; please let me know if you still have that error. Is that when using the Track Player feature? If not, you could simply be too far away; there's a certain visibility radius (around 10km from your current position) for all lands/bases of other players. If he is missing even when using Track Players, is there a chance that your ally is listed in one of the tabs in "Wars"? We've come across a few rare scenarios involving allies being at war when engaging in the same battle against another enemy, and that means that they may become invisible to each other in 7 days from the war's start date unless they request a Truce.
  13. Quite possible; GPS input apps are very likely to have the potential to alter your coordinates without relying on any device and that is, essentially, what constitutes cheats in "Domination: Earth". I cannot possibly filter the usage of these apps by "player intentions", so please steer clear of any 3rd party apps that do more than connect a bluetooth device to your phone. No need to test anything from your end (please don't; once again, the anti-cheat doesn't know if you're trying to help me or are genuinely trying to cheat ), but if you can send me a link to the app you are using I will download it and review myself. Thanks!
  14. Who said that it's one single flag that the anti-cheat is based on? Presence of the app in developer options or its ability to affect your location alone are not enough to trigger the anti-cheat. To do so the app has to actively supply fake coordinates that mismatch reality. Have you used this dongle this week or in May? If yes, then it's not what has put your name in the list above. Your account has been flagged due to a solo incident on April 24, 2020 (that we can discuss and review separately ); nothing that happened after that is relevant. However, I am curious as to what GPS-enhancing app exactly you are talking about; can you please provide a link to it on the Play Store so that I could review its capabilities? Thanks, Dan
  15. Only if it becomes your new source of the GPS coordinates. Simply using a proxy for network traffic or any security purpose that does not involve changing your GPS coordinates is fine. When in doubt, simply check if your in-game blue dot matches your real-life position. If it isn't because of an app you've installed on purpose - that's what is against the rules and will get you in trouble. If not, you have nothing to worry about.
  16. No problem at all, I hope my advice helped! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  17. Have you used the "move base" option yet in "My Lands"? You get to move your base to your current position once for free. 😉
  18. Don't worry, it's actually around 5pm in Brisbane (that's where we are ). Could you please post an in-game screenshot with your base (feel free to PM it to me privately )? Having difficulties finding your account in the database using the username...
  19. Отлично! Очень рад, что помогло. Добавлю в список дел оповещение об этой настройке, если у кого-то выбрано неправильное значение. 😉 На данный момент в нашем коллективе три человека, но разработчик самой игры только один (я). 🙂 @eugenenovikoff отвечает за наш сайт и соц. сети.
  20. У меня удалось воспроизвести эту проблему на шестом Андройде только одним способом (пока что): кнопки не загружаются, если телефон не может найти ваше текущее местоположение. Не могли бы вы проверить настройки местоположения на вашем телефоне? Должна быть выбрана опция "По всем источникам": Если выбрана опция "По спутникам GPS" или "По координатам сети", то могут возникнуть подоброго рода проблемы (на получение координат от спутника GPS иногда уходит очень много времени). Пишите, если не помогло!
  21. Hi all, We will be performing some maintenance later this week in order to improve stability of our servers and availability of the game (exact time & date are TBD). During this process "Domination: Earth" will be offline (the game will display a "No internet connection" error); I am hopeful that this won't take longer than an hour. However, please check this thread for any updates.
  22. Благодарю за предоставленную информацию и картинку! Так действительно быть не должно; Андроид 6+ официально поддерживается игрой. Я расследую эту проблему как можно скорее.
  23. Доброй день! На каком шаге вы сейчас находитесь? Первый экран после создания аккаунта должен выглядеть примерно вот так: Практически все основные действия в игре совершаются именно этой кнопкой с флагом (захват новых земель, улучшение существующих, создание новых баз), о чём говорится в всплывающих подсказках и, позже, квестах. Могу ли я поинтересоваться, какой шаг вызвал затруднение?
  24. Seeing resources on the map in offline mode is going to be problematic, I'm afraid. They are shared among all players, generate as you travel around the world and may disappear at any moment if someone else picks them up. Navigating in offline mode while viewing a resource snapshot that's several hours old is going to cause a lot of confusion, plus once you actually leave the initial visibility radius you won't see (or generate) any resources at all; you cannot cache all available resources on your phone as there are many millions of them around the planet. My suggestion was not to disable internet completely (you are correct, there is that pop-up message in the way ), but to switch the map filters off as that will reduce your data consumption by a lot. You can only switch the Resource view back on once you're actually ready for collection, but even then you don't have to see them to pick any resources up: this action is performed on the server once the "Pick Up" button is pressed. And as stated above, Pick Up, Land Capture and all other buttons will not consume more than a few KB of data with all the filters switched off. I hear what you're saying though and will have a think about other features we might introduce to help with your problem.
  25. That's exactly how it works currently. 😁 There is no continuous connection with the server and any actions (capture, collect, activate item etc.) consume very little data. The bulkiest aspects here are the lands & resources loaded around you (but all of these can be disabled via map filters) and the map tiles themselves, but they are cached locally on your device and not something you'd probably want to disable anyway. 🙂 Try disabling every single switch in the Map Filters and see if that helps!
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