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  1. Hurray! I was hoping that would be the case. πŸ˜… It takes some time for the new certificate to propagate, I suspect it finally reached your device.
  2. Fair enough, sounds like a reasonable suggestion! Added to the list.
  3. @Luna things should hopefully be back to normal now, could you please let me know if the notifications work / still don't work?
  4. Thanks for the report! Yep, Apple notified us that they have decided to sabotage this functionality for our app. I will do my best to resolve this as soon as possible.
  5. Mr. D

    Large land mergers

    Correct, premium buildings disappearing as a result of merges will issue a full refund. Please let me know if you run into any issues though and I'll be happy to help!
  6. Ah, yep, that is not a problem indeed, thanks for clarifying. Adding to the task list!
  7. I am getting a very strong vibe that you are not talking about "Domination: Earth" either, since we have no Game Centers. πŸ˜… Can I ask how did you find a link to this forum and what is the name of the game you are playing? I am just very curious as to why we have this entire thread of people asking to delete an account from a game that doesn't belong to us (and where did you guys come from). 😁
  8. That idea makes a lot of sense indeed! It will probably require some adjustments to the item descriptions to avoid confusion (as that exception seems to be only applicable to the charge-enabled items / super magnets alone; no reason why an active metal detector should not increase the individual resource collection radius as well). But I'll definitely add this into my task list! I may need some additional clarification on that feature though as I'm not sure I understand what navigation button you are referring to, sorry! 😊
  9. Hello everyone, It is no secret that 2020 has been a crazy year that threw a myriad of challenges at all of us, caused a lot of grief and even sabotaged our games in more than one way. But at the same time I want to say "thank you!" to all members of our community for being patient with us and continuing to play "Domination: Earth" despite all the delays and setbacks. And I would like to give a very special thanks to our most supportive players without whom our servers would honestly not be running today: ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐ Kellenasia Ruvox Agusta Maarten Verduyckt WinterHeart626
  10. Hi @Ruvox! Could you please elaborate on the "no longer" part, i.e. what is the current quest progress? Testing this quest locally myself, the Travel Point award from land captures does seem increase the progress. Wondering if you have obtained Travel Points via an untested scenario... this happened after a new level 1 land capture, right? I've rebooted the server just in case something froze as well; please let me know if the issue disappears on its own.
  11. Hi Luna, My apologies for a delay, this has taken way longer than it should have! I could not find any evidence that the change you described was intentional, so I've fixed the utility structure upgrade (a fix has just been released) which should once again award your base with the experience points. Please let me know if that isn't the case.
  12. Sorry, we don't have a user with that name in "Domination: Earth"; are you sure this is the game you're playing?
  13. Hmm... I am ashamed to admit that I am not quite sure, this area was changed back and forth way too many times. 😁 I can see from the code that only placing of new utility structures awards the experience points and I do remember that some time ago upgrading them did the same. But that logic seems to have been removed for quite a while now (and I haven't changed any game logic for several months now; definitely not since October 2020). I will keep digging as there must have been an announcement about this change, but at this moment I'm afraid I do not remember which version is the "inten
  14. Thanks, @Max Siren! πŸ™‚ Your support is greatly appreciated! Unfortunately, all development stalled in November due to some turmoil at work and in other personal aspects, things have been extremely stressful and I couldn't find any time to progress DE at all. However, I am hopeful that with some help from a Christmas miracle things will get back to normal in 2021 and I will be able to finish the features I was talking about.
  15. Sorry for a delay in response! How about now (I've made a small adjustment to your active OQRTA)? If it still doesn't look right, could I ask you to screenshot your quest log and PM it to me, please (to see your currently active quests and the quest slot counter at the top)?
  16. Apologies for delays with response, the last couple of months were absolutely insane and I am suffering from a severe lack of time right now. However, as soon as I get an opportunity to write some code I will do my best to expedite this feature request.
  17. Mr. D

    Feedback: Quests

    All quests generate a reward from a range of values. Sometimes the reward is low, sometimes it will be much higher. Very few values are actually preset to a static amount to make things interesting and changing every time you encounter the same quest. But we are somewhat of a "democratic" player-driven community, so I welcome feedback from everyone else on their experience with quests and the encountered rewards (I am always open to new ideas).
  18. There is a density limit of approximately 50 units of each resource per 3km from any given position (e.g. your base), so if you are receiving that limit warning it simply means that too many units of money and personnel are spawned around and no one's picking them up (so no more are added). That limit is radius-based, so will change as you move around (since more or fewer resources will happen to be within 3km of yourself) and is a bit painful to display/calculate in real-time. However, I will have a think about a possible solution that'll help to know whether you can or cannot spawn a
  19. Mr. D


    Thank you, @Luna! That is correct. Tactician lowers the chance of each unit being killed by any attack during each wave, same as having an additional wall that is always active on all lands.
  20. Land capture wasn't working exclusively due to iOS failing to download the geocoding mappings, a fix for which was released via an in-app update on Oct 27, 9:58 AM. No releases were made since then. If the capture started working for you recently then there are only two possible explanations: 1) The in-app update has just reached your device with a massive delay (possibly due to connectivity issues, lack of space, the game not being open long enough or something along those lines). 2) Your device had a local cache of the invalid geocoding maps that has finally expired on its own
  21. That is absolutely mind-blowing, but amazing news indeed. πŸ˜… I would be extremely grateful if anyone else with this problem confirmed the resolution by upgrading to 14.2!
  22. Thanks for the additional info, guys! A small update from my end as well: the timing of this problem is seriously unfortunate, as we are getting a new NBN (broadband) line installed for the entire street and there have been massive delays with getting it finalized & functional. I've had no reliable internet access since the beginning of October and have already exhausted all of the mobile hotspots in my possession. Without that I cannot download any MacOS updates and don't have any iOS 14 Simulators or physical devices (outside of my budget, unfortunately ) to work on. And a
  23. It's not that simple, unfortunately, as there is nothing to roll back; I haven't changed anything even remotely connected to scrolling in many months and all modifications (incl. the scrollable screens) work on all emulators in my possession that run on iOS 13. The only thing that has changed is Apple releasing iOS 14, which is, apparently, incompatible with something that's always worked previously (and I have no idea what that is!). So until I manage to reproduce the problem to understand what is it exactly that Apple has added it will be close to impossible for me to address the issue,
  24. Just to clarify, there are no notifications, the update simply downloads invisibly in the background while you're playing (usually in a few seconds, but could be up to a minute depending on your network) and all you need after that is fully close and reopen the app (moving it into the background mode is not enough though, it has to be stopped). Reinstalling the app from the App Store reverts it back to the earliest version and the in-app updates have to be downloaded all over again on top of that. So just to avoid misunderstandings: you've reinstalled the app from the app store, land
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