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  1. That would be great to have. Presumably this would allow widgets to be made that could display game stats or perform actions from the homescreen too.
  2. @fritzmann try restarting the game by either force closing it or swiping it away from the running app list. Does it appear then?
  3. Resources appear on the map as one of several icons that are a fixed size no matter the zoom level (but they do group so far out). The resources actual position can be different to what one may expect by looking at the icon. This is common issue with "hot point" placement on custom cursors. I suggest setting a minimum icon size and adding a hitbox or "pickup radius" so if the player's range intersects the visible icon's region you register as a pickup. This avoids circumstances where the pickup doesn't register because a player is looking at the resource from the wrong angle.
  4. I dislike the idea of loot chests but it is often a staple of mobile games so it would fit in. If put in I sugest it'd be best if they could be scrapped into normal resources if the player didn't want to spend real money.
  5. You could sort of do this right now by printing off your Refer a Friend QR code from the main menu and storing it in a geocache. If you put a land on the spot where the cache is then people would know to visit there. It would be nice good to expand on that and have an in-game marker available.
  6. When pressing "Land Capture" within range of your base you boost the defence points for 2 hours but the current message suggests the duration of the effect will also increase. With additional check-ins increasing the points of defence it seemed to indicate that the effect would last longer than 2 hours but instead the action resets the countdown. I suggest changing the message to:
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