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  1. My game still dont work... Not fair;)
  2. IOand i have this problem again... Before sleep game work. When wake up game not work....
  3. Yesterday game work ok. I stsrt war with other player. Then i go sleep. And when i wake up game stop work... And i dont use fake gps. Few times i use second phone. But only when i have loooong trip (because my is used as gps) and last time i do it 6days ago
  4. i have this message about 2-3h... I reset game, reset phone wtf?
  5. I sit in work 8h, and about 80% time my gps show good position. I dont move. Just reopen game every 20-30min
  6. I sit in work 8h, and about 80% time my gps show good position. I dont move. Just reopen game every 20-30min
  7. After last update ( maps) i have problem eith gps..i sit now in red circle. But my gps show me tha i sit in red... Distance betwen circles is about 12km... This is game error or just my phone was drunk?
  8. I have 30k money.and 3k other resources. I want to spend it. I can only build tower and sandbags. To spend 10k i must do it many, many, many times;) One more ; Why when i click upgrade, i get another window where i must click upgrade one more time, Can you make it more simple? 1click is good
  9. Can you add multiple buildings at once? now you have toy click build each time. Better way is one click on build icon , allows you to put x buildings on the map?
  10. Yep.this is old topic. But i have question. Can you add one more leaderboard? Top spenders in resources ( how much player spends on building . Or something else) And another - for countries. how many army/building worth have real countries...
  11. I have in my city inactove olayer under 10 lvl. I have much higher. Now i cant trade with him and attack. When he stop play, and accout will be inactive can i attack him? ( or in this game we dont have something like inactive players?)
  12. But when you move aroiud you can lvl up higher. When ypu capture terror you get only 1 lvl. But ok. ;p i just ask
  13. Maybe you add possibility to capture force of terror lands? this is only 1st lvl land. What you think?
  14. How this is possible? He have only 136m2 and he is richest player
  15. Another qestion. About sentry turret - whats range? Or how this work? I should build this near center. Or far from centre.
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