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  1. I want to add my little suggestion for the alliance system. 

    I've seen this in the very first version of Travian (now it's not like this anymore).

    There are rights to be granted to each member of the alliance. They may be to be able to send messages to the other members of the alleance, to set war and peace state, to promote or demote the oter members, etc... whatever.

    What I liked is the complete flexibility:

    The name, description and rights granted are custimizable. I may have a military-like organization, where there are generals, colonels, liutenents, etc, or maybe I want an alliance with roles called Joker, Clown and Master of the Universe. The owner (and anyone has the right to do so) of the alliance can set the description of those roles and the description of the alliance itself, where likely there is written how the alliance works.

    This is what I would like: not some fixed hierarchy or roles, but everything as much customizable as possible.


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  2. Hi,

    The new 1.16 update added several buildings and upgrades to do when we stay in our land, that is very good.

    However if you are inside a base territory, you cannot do any of the new things.

    At the beginning of the game a message tells us that we have to position the base when we can be present often, tipically the home or the workplace. However currently it is better that the base is more far away, so that we can build utility structures and upgrade them while sitting on the sofa, that is impossible to do if I am inside a base land.

  3. 13 minutes ago, Mr. D said:

    Would there be any benefit for having a separate flag button that has the same effect as the large flag button? It's easy for me to do that, just trying to understand how it would be used. Or do you want it to say "you are too far away from the selected structure" instead of creating a new one?

    I see that it's easier for you to make a shortcut. It could be a fast solution. But imho the optimal solution would be the other option. If I tap a flag icon of a structure, it's because I'd like to upgrade just that structure, and I may get the message "you are too far" if it's the case. 

    Anyway I won't complain if you choose the fast solution.



  4. Hi,

    If I tap on an utility structure I see a tooltip with a "build" icon. The build icon is actually unrelated to the structure, because it opens the building menu of the land, where I cannot build anything about utility structures.

    Wouldn't be more logic to have the "capture" icon (the flag) instead? So I could upgrade my utility structure if I am within the range (50m).

  5. I had my problems with AI, but then I was able to defeat them and now they are completely in control.

    I guess that if they grow up until a high level base then they can make a high number of soldiers per day, so it becomes difficult to control.

    I can give you those suggestion:

    instead to have many little lands you should merge them in a large land, which will contain some of the terror lands. Then you will be able to attack them with the tower, destroying their buildings and reducing the lands level. In the meanwhile you build a bigger army, then you attack first the lands with no defece, until you destroy all his army. 

    If you have problems finding personnel, you may have an ananswer from Mr. D on this.  

    I was at 0 personnel and the terror had hundreds, but with some travel and bullhorns I was able to get them.

    Press the camera on the tooltip of your lands to see the resources surrounding them.

    I hope this helped.

  6. Hi, 

    Maybe the combat notification system will be modified soon, in this case this post doesn't matter. I disabled the combat notifications because the notifications every 10 minutes were too annoying. What I really care is only the outcome of the entire battle. Since I cannot attack again for 1 hour, I don't need a notification, I just go to check the battle result within 1 hour.

    However I realised that I may miss attacks from other players, something that never occurred so far. 

    So maybe the notification settings might be more specific, allowing to enable/disable more cases: total outcome of the battle, attacks from other players, and maybe, if anyone is interested, the partial result of the attack waves.

    For me, just taking off the notifications for every single wave would be enough, and I would find useful all the other notifications.

    Maybe also some other player can say what is useful for them and what is not.

  7. 51 minutes ago, AntKeeper said:

    As for flags maybe some switch could be added to change bags/towers to flags and vice versa. That would allow us to see land radius and ownership easily. Now bags hide circles and it is not always possible to see is it my bag or no without zooming out.

    That is right. Maybe the walls and towers could have a color too, like a little flag on the top?

  8. On 1/2/2018 at 9:38 PM, marcofi said:

    from the statistics and the Netherland example it looked like I had too few stations

    By the way, I no longer have this problem. At a certain moment stations started to spawn.

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  9. 27 minutes ago, Grizzlyfilms said:

    Like if you merge two lands that the final land would not be round but more like a string (look at stellaris pics) 

    Do you mean like the dotted lines? 

    It remembers me of Parallel Kingdom, that had circles merging like this:


    Yes this kind of merging would be nice also for me, and probably it would avoid many problems we are talking about. But this is probably too different from the way DE is working now.

  10. 5 hours ago, Mr. D said:

    Yes, but that would only be a temporary patch; eventually the same situation would appear, except that it would be caused by a level 1000 land instead of 500 (for example). :)

     I don't want to insist too much on something that has already been dismissed. But I just make an example, let's say that a level 1 land has a radius of 30m (which is probably more than it is now), that means that a 3 km radius will be reaced at level 10000 (now it is at level 600). The higher the level, the smaller is the increase of radius, of course, being the formula A=πr².

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