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  1. We seem to be experiencing server problems again this morning here in the US.
  2. We seem to be experiencing server problems again this morning here in the US. A couple other players on the Discord mention it also. Service start slowing down real slow not loading pages and now it's not loading anything at all. Don't know if it's related but I had a lot of trouble getting into here onto to the forums to
  3. Since they're going to be some structural updates and background updates as part of version 2.0 of this game here are a couple of suggestions to consider. Make one of the goals during the intro tutorial for new players to go to the chat and join either the dischord or the Forum and find and Ally. For some reason some players just are not finding that chat button on their menu. Another would be to make sure there is a spot on the graphics for Towers, bases, sand bags comma Etc for a flag or color Mark to show the same information that the flag does Ford an upgraded location. Everyone has their lands upgraded to sandbags in my area and it's very hard to tell who is who without clicking.
  4. I like how this is working with the new modifications. I like the idea of being able to help my allies encourage any low-level players in the Houston area to Ally with me but I also want to keep percentage myself since I do have a lot of allies around the u.s. where I have traveled as I have land near them
  5. Working fine after downloading. Thanks.
  6. At least you are able to increase your land. I'm not even able to do that. Nothing happens when I hit either the big or little flag. A lot of other people are having similar problems per the chat and I posted an issue about this a few minutes ago
  7. I am surprised no one has reported it yet. It appears that capturing lands is currently not working. Clicking on the flag or on the little flag of an established land tells you to wait and then nothing ever happens. This is been going on for about 4 hours as of now.
  8. If you were to reset all base names to the new setting (town, City, location) it would simplify this and they should show up the same as they were. I expect otherwise you will get a lot of PMs....
  9. Run out of memory because of too many users is a good problem to have, right?
  10. I am not sure if it's a glitch or not but I found that if I've dropped a few sand bags on my land that I then turn into a base, those sandbags will remain and add to the bases defenses. I do not know if this is a glitch or not and just noticed it when scrolling through my bases to upgrade the concrete walls on some new ones.
  11. If I understand correctly, the other player is still under a gray flag? Then either they will advance soon to level 10 so that you can start fighting or they will stop playing soon and after 7 days will go away
  12. We ask that you have a little patience. It is a single developer doing this in his spare time and he's very responsive to issues when they come up. Just give him a day or two to get it fixed. I'm not sure if he's done something at the server end but my GPS seems to be working better this morning. Good luck with the game.
  13. Just as a follow-up, before the most recent up date I took a trip out into a rural area with limited data access. GPS stayed accurate even win the software could not load a map of the area. The worst problem I had was I had to sometimes shutdown and reboot the software before it would let me drop another flag after this happened. Not sure if additional details like this help you troubleshoot the problem.
  14. Looking forward to it. The only workaround I found so far is 2 go into another software, update my location in that manually, and then switch back to domination Earth. It then moves my marker. Not effective when trying to collect resources. You don't realize how addicted you are to a game till you can't play anymore.
  15. It usually does update eventually but I am not sure if it is because I am waiting a while and then opening the game back up or because I am going into another location-based game and then coming back to this one. It is a problem when I'm walking around or riding around and I can see where it could be a serious challenge to lower-level players
  16. If I remember from earlier conversations there is a bit of a pixelation of the circle near the edges and while it may look like a circle on the screen, items just inside the circle may actually be outside the border for the software. You sometimes have the opposite effect when you're trying to set up a new base just outside the range of your existing bases
  17. I am having a similar problem with my Samsung Galaxy S7
  18. Also sometimes seem to be taking me to a place I was at 20 or 30 minutes ago. Even though I'm just walking right now
  19. Having trouble updating Samsung's galaxy s7. It takes a while to update location. Up to more than a minute sometimes.
  20. I had forgotten how close together those European countries are... I'm looking at having at least five or six bases just in the state of Texas and I won't cover the whole state...
  21. By the way, there is no camera on Earth view for that far away land.
  22. A question came up on the chat that I think should be asked over here. Sentry Towers. If your base is coal located inside of a land that is protected by Century Towers, will they activate if the base itself is attacked? Or do they only protect the land and not the base?
  23. Does a single tracking satellite work across multiple bases or do you need a separate tracking satellite for each base? With separate activation from that bases menu?
  24. Ok. Once I figured out you meant the camera icon on My Lands, it worked. Thanks
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