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  1. Oop, forgot that I had an account on this forum back in the day. Signed in with a different email for that post, but it's me!
  2. Hey, I noticed a small problem in the game. The countdown for land capture isn't centred. It's going out of the circle. I know, it's a tiny problem, but these things can give a bad impression to new players. (⬆️) Please fix this whenever possible. Thanks in advance!
  3. Google just had to mess up. I'm I favour of naming after street names or something similar, but that doesn't help in places with no streets. Perhaps parks, forest sections, or some other names for such areas would be better. Custom would be fun but time consuming and you guys would have a hell of a time making sure people don't misuse it. A pay-for-naming approach could counter that, but then there's the question of paying per land or for the ability to do so (a one-time payment). Well, I'm sure you'll think of something. Keep up the good work!
  4. Hey, I destroyed all FoT lands and even the base within my 100km radius. How soon can I expect them to be back? They're the only ones I can fight with, as everyone else in my country is below level 10.
  5. What are points of fame and how are they awarded?
  6. I have a level 162 land. I achieved this level by merging it. However, I have not been able to level it up by pressing capture land in its land area or by pressing the flag button in the tooltip when less than 500m away. How do I level that land up?
  7. How far away must we be from our base to activate power-ups?
  8. How long does it take for the army to resupply after a battle?
  9. I agree. This game has huge potential, and it hasn't wasted it all. I'm looking at you, Niantic.
  10. This is a problem I've been facing for a few days. The time taken for the capture land option to become available again is often longer than fifteen minutes. I once closed my mobile when it showed six minutes remaining. I opened it ten minutes later and it showed a minute still remaining. I'll try to get some screenshots too.
  11. Couldn't we only build guard towers on lands level 2 and above? Yet a land owned by the Force of Terror near me has one despite being at level one (see image below).
  12. I'm not sure about the answer to your second question, but here's my answer for the first (mind you, it may not be very good, I've been playing for only 1.5 months): 1) Collect resources As you've just started, you're going to need resources to build stuff you really need, like a barracks, because the Force of Terror is soon going to start troubling you. Other players can't bother you until your base is level 10, so don't worry about that just yet. 2) Capture land You should start capturing land around yourself. Your aim is to get a high level land. When a land is within 5
  13. While I in no way mean offence to anyone (except the guy I'm mentioning), I think Donald Trump might just do that. Although he is more likely to brag about being the guy with the guts to do that or something, I dunno.
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