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  1. Personally, and this may be limited only to myself, I'd like the AI to build more outposts with buildings on them around me because there aren't any other humans playing in my area for me to interact with; this leaves destroying AI outposts the only way for me to earn points for upgrading perks, and I don't want to destroy too many of them or the AI base as it's taken it over a year to get to level 5 as it is. I would guess that my area being so devoid of human players probably has much to do with the plodding pace of the AI.
  2. Seven hours later, same phone, same base, same location permissions enabled (High accuracy, GPS & Wi-Fi). Every thing is the same as it was from the first time I downloaded and opened D:E four months ago. Here I am near my base, as can be seen. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. This same issue is happening to me as well. I too have attempted the same troubleshooting steps as OP:
  4. All right, thanks, I'll try that out. BTW, I don't know if this would be helpful for you, but here are some of the screen shots of my past messages taken just now (so displayed time elapsed is current for me) that appeared in my inbox to alert me when I was engaged in combat three times over the last 12 days.
  5. Sure This is the most recent one that I have encountered the AI at. (obviously I've upgraded it in the time since I first had the AI attack it.)
  6. I've been having the same issue, but I know that there are indeed players in my area, (at least two) and I've added them to the tracking list successfully in the past - now they've disappeared from my tracking list, and when I attempt to manually re-enter them by name, I get a "player cannot be found" error. I know that I have the exact username correct, yet this error never changes.
  7. In the past, I've always been able to locate lands held by the AI, including their base either by using the track player utility, or it being visible directly from the map. For almost a month, although I've been attacked by the AI "Forces of Terror" on three separate occasions, none of their locations can be viewed even when using the tracking utility. This means that besides baiting the AI into attacking an isolated level one base with no defenses, it is not possible to engage them and earn peacekeeping points.
  8. I am unsure of what exactly the tracking satellite is supposed to do, and how you are supposed to use it. I've built one, and have multiple places upgraded around the map, some with guard towers that show an extended field of view/influence - but I've never been able to successfully get any resource from the "collect resource" button under its heading in the "my lands" tab. It always says "there are no resources around to pick up."
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