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  1. Thank you. I'll close this thread now, then. Edit: I'm sure I can't actually delete it myself. But if it's crowding space, feel free to remove it!
  2. I'm posting this at home, since I was on roaming data during the incident. I was attempting to upgrade my Apple Valley land from 1 to 2, but as is common when roaming, it lagged behind and didn't capture. After hitting the flag periodically, as I often do in hopes of upgrading land in time and not having to capture something new, the land suddenly upgraded... Twice. This is the only time it's ever happened, and 15 minutes later, I got two "land capture ready" notifications. I'm posting this here in hopes that Mr. D can find the cause and fix it, and so I don't look like a purposeful cheater!
  3. I feel like I might've accidentally done this too. 😂 Because I've noticed my points towards a base level up rise for no explicable reason. I had no idea it was caused by... Whatever you said.
  4. At first, I was worried about the remote capture feature. But at 5 Unobtanium, I think abusing the system would be hard. Even at the highest weekly payout, you're only getting 4 remote captures per week, and honestly, this seems fair. Had I seen this update coming, I would have waited and just upgraded an existing Vegas land instead of having my GF grab land. Honestly, I'm glad we've got something new to spend our Unobtanium on. I'm happy to see this update, and incentivized even more to support this game with a subscription. (Even if its partly to raise my Vegas base strength.) I'm
  5. Ohhhh crap, well then, I'm very sorry! Oh jeez. There goes my plans for paying people to establish bases everywhere... I guess that fake GPS warning was, in a way, legitimate then. Okay. I'll keep that in mind, going forward. I'd thought tye several-people-one-account thing was simply not recommended for the password reason.
  6. Okay thanks. Now for one more thing. So I had my girlfriend use her phone to capture land while she visited Vegas, which was why I was here to begin with. I see that using multiple devices IS okay, which tells me this was just a glitch, but I woke up this morning to find a fake GPS warning in myessages. Do you have anything on your side of things to know why the game did this?
  7. Well, here's the thing: when hitting the Flag icon on the nearby land, it collects the resources without setting off the 15 minute timer, allowing me to instantly hit the flag button on my HQ and respawn new resources. Would this be an exploit?
  8. I have a question because I'm not sure if this is considered cheating, and I'd feel bad if it was. I own a land within 500m of my home base, and regularly hit its flag to collect resources (after using the defense bonus for my base.) Would this be considered a No No?
  9. Awesome! Can't wait to see what Victory Points will do!
  10. After toying around with the features of this update... I like it! Pretty happy to see more strategy than just "large land with 1 good tower fully protects everything". Adds that spice that will make defense more interesting!
  11. I definitely see your points, and having some programming experience myself, I know exactly what you mean by engine restrictions. If that's the issue, then by all means, don't rip your hair out trying to find a workaround! Really glad that you have passion for this project, and as I already said, I can't wait to see where it goes! Oh, I almost forgot, the issue with the mobile registration (at least for me) was that the captcha wouldn't load at all. I hope that helps diagnose the issue?
  12. Wow. I've been playing this game for a while, but the registration for the forum doesn't work (at least for me) on mobile, so I've been quiet, but silently vocal! I first want to say that this update sounds great. I'm hoping the grouping will make it easier for me to spot the AI. To be honest, however, I kind of wish the land merging was done a tad differently. I had been hoping for a while that, instead of making a giant circle of land, our territories could simply touch one another. This way, territories and nations would look like real ones, where two touching spots can't grow into eac
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