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  1. i already deleted the game a longtime with area and 6 guard tower now i tried installing again after a longtime... and foundout i cant make any guard tower... not even a sandbag.... tried demolish a tower and cant make it again.... so i tried make another account and tried to make a newland and it can only make 1 guard tower and 1 sandbag only... no matter how big my area is.... is it now the feature or it just bug
  2. good morning sir XD... need to discard all my supplies again XD... or maybe a button to discard ourself XD... thank you XD...
  3. XD.... so apparently its like that XD... suggestion : how about feature to sell supply into gold... for now just make my supply "0"..... already too much supply at my land ##**Alligator Gozaimashita....**
  4. its a little better now... but may i ask if i can discard or throw away my current "supply" because its keep maxed and when i capture land it keep spawning supply.... and seem after several item spawned no matter how many times i capture in that area again... nothing spawned anymore.... 1. is that limit/day spawning item in that area ?... or 2.max item spawned in that area.... ? if 1. then its okay... but if 2. i need to discard my current supply just so i can pick up all supply in that area.. thanks
  5. thanks sir XD.... looking forward the next update XD...
  6. the terror base already attacked by me using tower.... but the soldier cant be attacked by my tower.... and his soldier keep increasing everyday im traveling across all my country and take all the personnel.... only can get 20 this 15 days T__T maybe your place have many player playing this game... so the personnel keep spawning but me.... only me playing this kind of game here... T__T
  7. continue from my review... after update the terror keep terroring T__T look at this screenshot.... i kind of already travel 500km all over my country,,,, capture plenty of land.... but still what spawn only money and supply i can get 30k Money in 1 month.... can get 50k supply in 1 month.... but only 20 soldiers in a month T__T not because im lazy to move... but LACK OF SOLDIER SPAWNING meanwhile i attack TERROR ( 360 soldiers ) with my 16 soldiers... it should decrease but.... tomorrow his soldier become 380 in 1 day ? how should i attack them ?..... and meanwhil
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