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  1. I’ve been saving up TP for a land expansion and I accidentally spend around 300 on expert settler. Can I have it refunded? (Also, why is such a valuable resource used for expert settler in the first place?)
  2. Luna


    It says it’s going to be manually added at the end of the week
  3. Luna

    in battle...

    The FoT has perk bonuses?
  4. I had this same problem on iOS
  5. I agree that peacekeeping points are stretched way too thin with all the added uses for them, combined with the reduction in points from killing FoT soldiers, so this added system should be based mainly on general resources. There was a new player in my area (Duluth) that stopped playing because they said it was impossible to get points, and to be honest I get where they’re coming from.
  6. I still think having a default character with your username that you get to pick a class for would be a cool addition, but it sounds like Mr D isn’t a fan of the idea. I can dream though… Other than that, I think it’d be good to have some way to make low level items relevant in some way once you find upgrades. Item trading was one suggestion but I’m not a big fan of that, so instead maybe some way of either leveling old items or combining them with better items could be added? Maybe (a lot of) xp could be spent to level items instead, or a new facility to upgrade items using a lot of mone
  7. Is there any chance we could get a filter by player? It might be a bit clunky for the UI, but the ability to essentially turn off certain megalands would be very useful.
  8. I only have one character, and I already upgraded the ability because I didn’t know it would cost so much stamina. I can just keep it in mind for the next one, but I think there should be a way to toggle abilities for characters.
  9. In that case, is there a way to turn off the ability? It constantly drains all the stamina from my characters.
  10. Will there be an option in the future to rename your characters, maybe in the same way you can rename land where you get one for free and any further changes cost 1ubt?
  11. Is the exploration skill supposed to use stamina? I always lose a bunch when I capture land, but I don’t know what else it would be going to, even though the description says it doesn’t take any. It makes it so that none of my characters ever have any stamina because it’s constantly being drained.
  12. The new art style makes it really hard to make out clusters of buildings. They’re all the same color now.
  13. I agree, 3 should be the cap for unassigned. You can’t level more than three at a time, so from a balance perspective it shouldn’t be a big deal, but being able to collect a wide array of characters and spread them over your different bases sounds really cool.
  14. Also, quintupling the supply price is raising it by a lot, not a little.
  15. I was talking about in terms of balance. When deciding whether to build a silo, solar panel, beacon, or turret in a new location, it seems like there’s very little reason to build a beacon anymore, since the rebalance heavily favors supplies in fights, and pretty much all buildings use supplies and not personnel.
  16. Also, maybe everyone could start with a leader character with the same name as their display name.
  17. Also, now that personnel beacons are even worse because of the army resource rebalance, maybe characters have a higher chance of spawning around high level ones?
  18. There should be some way of picking these new items up from a farther distance. With quests having them spawn in an unreachable location was okay because you could just ignore them, but this is the entire basis of the overhauled combat system. The only character I see nearby spawned in a lake, so I can’t do anything with the new system.
  19. Luna

    Drone Drop Rate

    No, I’ve never gotten any items as a reward, just supplies and money. I’ll let you know after a week if I get one. Mostly I want to know if it’s a bug or I’m just unlucky.
  20. Luna

    Drone Drop Rate

    Is there any way to increase the drop rate for drones? I’ve never found one since the rate was lowered after they came out, even though I scrap pretty regularly. I’ve talked to Celestius and they haven’t gotten any either, so it’s not just me. And yes, there’s space in my inventory.
  21. Hold on, looks like they’re working again.
  22. No, they’re still not working. Is there an update I need?
  23. I’m on iOS, and the notifications have stopped working. I checked my settings, both on DE and my phone, and they should be sending. They had been working before without any settings changes.
  24. The resource it takes and the % changes every day.
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