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  1. @Mr. D Thanks for the reply and your willingness to consider future enhancements. However what about the issue of Unobtanium purchased in order to facilitate upgrading of structures in order to gain base points? While traveling we spent real money in order to be able to move the base more frequently. (Allowing us to restock on power-ups to pickup more resources). Since you can no longer gain benefit from upgrading structures while merging, it means that the value of the purchase (for us) has deprecated. I know its not your intent, but this feels like a bait and switch. Can y
  2. If you are loaded with powerups and visiting somewhere that has lots of available resources.
  3. Hi Mr D, Please don't implement this change. I agree with Олег above. I appreciate the balancing that you have done thus far. And I understand the focus you want to have on travel. However eliminating structure point from base upgrades makes traveling to collect resources almost meaningless. A fun part of this game before was saving powerups in order to collect accumulated resources in major cities. Now there isn't the incentive to do so., beyond collecting just enough resources for land merges. This change will actually negatively impact travel for the game. There is also
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