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  1. So I took an extra camera with me at lunch today to capture what was happening, and of course it worked just fine this time to make me a liar. If you still wanted to look into it, the occurrence on Monday was around 1:00 PM US Eastern time and on Tuesday around 7:15 PM. I still don't see either flag on my map, but see others of mine nearby. On Monday, I used a drone to drop a flag about 500 M south of a regular lunch spot (viewable on map), then a short time later I drove to a spot about 500 M north of the lunch spot and hit the flag button (not viewable on map). Otherwi se, no b
  2. Yesterday and today I've tried planting a new flag and it's not appearing on the map. The 15-minute counter resets, I get the pop-up notifications about character points, etc. But the new flag is not there. Upgrading flags seems to work. Using drones creates new flags fine. I'm on an iPhone.
  3. It appears if you have multiple characters assigned to a base and one of the them has maxed out their experience points meter, any characters below them in the list do not earn points for qualifying activities. For example, I have two high level characters assigned to my main base and it takes some time to earn enough peacekeeper points to level them both up. The first character in my list had recently been leveled and is not maxed out with experience points. The middle character is maxed out and I don't yet have enough PK points to level. I picked up a new Epic character and assigned
  4. Would you please consider a consistent sort order for character equipment on the Inventory page? For example, by highest level (i.e. Level 10) down to lowest level (i.e. Level 1). Ideally, there would be a secondary/tertiary sort, like by Item type (preferably in the same order they appear on the character item screen) and rarity. I.e. Level 10 Weapon Rare Level 10 Weapon Uncommon Level 10 Head Epic Level 10 Head Ordinary Level 10 Chest Legendary ... Level 9 Weapon Uncommon Level 9 Tool Belt Ordinary Level 9 Personal Storage Rare ... Level 1 ... Or at the very
  5. The delete option for equipment from the inventory page isn't deleting the item, but instead moves it to the active items tab. (At least on iOS). Screenshot attached. Either just before or just after the highlighted 'Item Transferred!" message, another message briefly appears saying "Item Deleted (x0)!".
  6. @Mr. D, I think I found another bug. I had three characters, one Ordinary and two Uncommon. Had another Uncommon appear in my area, so I dismissed the Level 4 Ordinary. When I tried to pick up the new Uncommon, the app says something to the effect of 'You are at your limit. Dismiss or use UBT." I thought I got a screen shot of the message, but when I got home to post this I realized I missed it. But from the screen shots I did get, you can see that I was close enough to pick up the character and that I only have 2 of 3 character slots taken. So now I've lost my highest level charact
  7. I think there is a hard limit of three characters per account.
  8. Some quick feedback, for your consideration....I've now picked up a few character items which show first with their larger boxes in the storage/warehouse list. I suspect that I will still be going into my storage list most often to activate super magnets, bullhorns, etc. which now all appear at the bottom. I can see it getting annoying having to scroll to the bottom every time to get to the items I'm most interested in, especially as more character items are collected. It would be nice to either have the original collectables and the character collectables on different tabs, or have the
  9. I think an inventory bug has been introduced relating to character items, at least on iOS. If I move character items from storage into available item slots, then equip a character with the item, the item slots are still occupied on the Items screen. (See screenshot below) If I reverse the steps....unequip from the character, then move the items back into the warehouse, the available count goes back to zero. And maybe this is a related question....should I be able to equip a character directly from the Items screen? The Equip button is not active. I have to go to Characters -&g
  10. EMonster

    Large land mergers

    I inadvertently clicked on the Build Missile Launcher button on a small (Level 7) piece of land when intending to just upgrade wall and tower, and used some of the free Christmas Unobtainium (Thanks, Mr. D!) for a Missile Launcher I didn't really want. So if I'm reading this new logic correctly, if I expand a nearby land (Level 8+) and merge the Level 7 land into it, the Missile Launcher will disappear and I will get the 5 UBT back? No big deal either way, but that would be nice.
  11. Same thing has been happening to me again this week. Here are a couple of examples on the Peacekeeping Force and Frightful Presence quests. The Peacekeeping one never accumulated any stats, and the other one I was halfway done and then it stopped. I'm on iOS, if it matters. Something similar was happening soon after Quests were first released, then I hadn't noticed it for a while. I've completed other quests recently without issue.
  12. Land capture hasn't been an issue for me after I completely uninstalled the app and reinstalled, as discussed in the other thread.
  13. I just updated my iPhone to iOS 14.2 and scrolling seems to be working again!
  14. Yeah, the scrolling issue definitely started with iOS 14. Specifically, it started in 14.0.1, but it's still present in 14.1. @Mr. D I sent you a forum message with video of the issue on various screens. Just in case it helps to visualize what's going on. And it would be a bummer if you dropped iOS support! I appreciate the effort and really enjoy the game!
  15. I'm have the same issue in iOS. Can't capture land or do any resource pick-ups. If you hit the Land button, you get the Please Wait... prompt, then nothing. If you hit the Land button again, absolutely nothing happens. If you switch off of the Earth View and back, the Land button gives the wait prompt one time again, then nothing. With the Pick up button, you get the wait prompt, the small capture circle appears (the larger radius circle does not appear if you have any items active), but nothing is captured. And obviously they are using the same Land mechanism, but can't place Explor
  16. For reference, I have an iPhone SE (2020) and a 6th generation iPad.
  17. Also still an issue for me on an iPhone and iPad after updating. Adding to what Kubogejev said above....On the Earth View: press and hold, slide, stretch, and pinch gestures all work fine. Also, the pull-down menu with Messages, Trade Management, etc. scrolls up and down fine. But none of the pull-down menu item screens or the My Lands, Perks, and Quest screens are scrollable. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  18. I'm seeing the same issue on a new iPhone and iPad after updating both to iOS 14.0.1.
  19. Anyone else have problems with quests not registering tasks while in progress? I've now had it happen to me twice. I had two active quests that were almost complete yesterday. I finished one and clicked the Complete button. The other quest is the Renewable Energy quest and I had 9 of the 12 solar panels required built. I built three more after completing the the other task and expect to see the notification that the quest was completed. But it's still showing 9/12 on the Quest screen. I think the other quest that I had the same problem was to build comm towers or silos. I don't
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