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  1. Any news on this front? I've found it hard to be motivated enough to claim new lands lately, seeing as there's no benefit to doing so at the moment. If there's anything we can do to help, let your players know. I just sent you some coins, hope it buys you some inspiration!
  2. Good to read that there are, possibly, further plans for making holding land worth doing. Have you considered making some of these resource gathering/making tasks automated? Clicks on clocks make for tedious gameplay, and this game has potential for becoming much bigger than your typical click-fest.
  3. I think I speak for a lot of players in saying Thank You for this change!
  4. Attach your typos here. Thank you!
  5. It's fairly straightforward in my case, as I only have 2 bases: 70 + 3 = 73, so 7300 TP "cap". 4% is 292 TP. Thank you!
  6. Found a related issue. I remote-upgraded a land for 5 Unobtainium, and it consumed a stored capture, and 4% TP!!!, in the process without a confirmation dialog. I did not intend to do this, and only wanted to see what the TP cost would be, then cancel.
  7. Maybe I jumped to conclusions. Being listed above is rather upsetting, as you might imagine. It's not a GPS-enhancing app, it's a physical device, the Garmin GLO 2 at the moment. It connects to any bluetooth device (a phone or tablet, but I've used devices like it in various field vehicles for work) and interfaces with an app which Android uses as an alternative source of GPS info. The app can control the sampling rate, etc. Because it's a bluetooth connection, the device's location must be within meters of the phone... but really it's in my pocket. The Garmin has it's own app in
  8. This is very disappointing and short-sighted. There is a valid and common use of the external gps source dev option in Android - namely, using an external gps receiver. In Uganda, as in Malawi before my new posting in Kampala, I use an external gps dongle that has better reception so that my position doesn't fluctuate by 100m+ constantly because gps was never designed for equatorial optimization, and unlike in most of the developed world there aren't 2 dozen routers nearby at any moment to boost Google location services. It is a bluetooth device that is carried on me when I play. It is
  9. Just adding, at this moment I am the player in question affected by this issue. Thanks!
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