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  1. Oh, ok, noted jajaja, i was just confused because in the base menu there is a merging option.
  2. The thing is that we need comunication, in my country Discord is not so popular either, i have a WhatsApp group for my allies, at least the ones i know, but the ones i dont know, what do i do with them? I dont have the means to even introduce myself. Other point in this subject is that the game without a chat feels Dead, in my experience for example, if not for the few flags from my friends in my hood i would not know if someone is even playing because in my country this game is not known almost at all, proove of that is that im sort of new in here and i already am the number one. This is why we need a chat, it would encourage people to play more, socialization is a powerful way to keep the whole thing alive.
  3. In Cuba using Youtube is hard🥲, i wish i could sing on Whatsapp🥲🥲🥲
  4. My main base is inside my colony now, i would like to know if they merge or something?
  5. It would be cool if people could Unite in clans or such, me, for example, started one and we plan our moves in WhatsApp, it would be great if, aside from the aliances that are in a way, non bonding, people could be under a flag for example, with an in game chat and such, with the purpose of not having to go out of the game to plan the moves.
  6. Ohhh, thank you very much, now to work, this land is not gonna conquer itself😈
  7. Thanks Mr D, one more thing... how do i create another Base? Besides My starter one.
  8. Hello, my questions is: How do i Unite all my bases?
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