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  1. I haven't been receiving any type of land capture bonus items pop up on the map when I capture land in one particular area. Not sure why, can u help? Thanks
  2. this wasnt so much of an issue, i think i have the understanding of these types of buildings although a list of what other types of buildings might be out there would be cool!
  3. i also tried to use a super magnet while all those were activated... twice actually... you might be able to tell? but I definitely tried 2 super magnets
  4. i also lost out on a few supplies that were available and im discovering how important supplies are. I don't really want to come across as b!thing but rather showing some possible flaws that could frustrate players. I'm sure you can see from my account that Im definitely giving this game some time & effort and hope to see it succeed.
  5. maybe not so much chat, but private messaging or the ability to communicate with the other players
  6. not sure why im not collecting these items that are obviously in the red area... not to mention I used 2 super magnets prior to the screen shots... I really want to give this game a try and think I'm figuring it out but these kinda setbacks hurt
  7. in game communication would be great at meeting people and spur more people to stay on longer
  8. will you be putting up a list of what each item is for and how you can obtain them? I just produced a bullhorn and a few other items and have no idea what they are for. Also, what all have I produced, what all is available for production, etc.?
  9. still seems difficult to capture $ resources. is there a trick that im missing? I can pick up everything else ok although it does seem like you have to literally be on top of some items (buildings) to claim. and some are in inaccessible areas. I feel like this is similar to Pokemon but not nearly enough reward for attempt at acquiring something but never gold for me for some reason.
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