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  1. That sounds great! To you plan to release a beta version (via the Google Play Beta-program) when the newly developed has all features currently present?
  2. Seems like one of my offers is gone too
  3. Oh, I guess I wasn't really clear with this, I meant the cheapest way to support this game regularly in an automated way (=a subscription) is via in-app-subscriptions for the price mentioned above. While I could just purchase Unobtainium manually everytime I like, I'd be much happier with a monthly subscription as I'm kinda lazy :') So maybe you could add a monthly in-app-subscription for ~5€? Sad to hear that patreon would be that complicated for you
  4. Great post, thank you for clearing up some concerns about the future of DE. In regard to fundraising, have you thought about starting a Patreon or something like this? This would allow people to regularly support the game with any amount of money they want. For example, I'd like to support DE, but don't necessarily need the unobtainium. Currently my cheapest option would be 3,99€/week or ~16€/month, which is too much for me. With patreon I could donate a amount fitting for me, edit it as it fits.
  5. As some players on the discord may have noticed, I've been inactive in the last weeks and just got active again some days. In this post I'd like explain why I lost motivation for DE and what could be changed to prevent this from happening again. Problem After reaching a relatively high base level (currently at 34) your only real option for day-to-day is mindlessly pressing capture/collect every 15/60 minutes as travelling to expand your land area isn't doable in my normal day. With a big enough land you also don't really need to save resources as you get enough just from your land. T
  6. When I try to add this player to my "Tracked Players" the only thing happening is the view reloading without actually adding the player to the list.
  7. I just checked my wars and discovered that I've been at war with a player named "Thomas" where both of us have 0 points. I don't really know where this war is coming from and I cant track the other player either.
  8. I'd like to have a more clear warehouse design, like pokemon go with one per item, with the current available amount and options to quickly withdraw or delete x of them. ( example ) Having to delete 15 items of different kinds with extra confirmation dialogs each hour is kinda tedious and mostly keeping me from growing my super magnet stash regularly.
  9. I did something a while ago here It also seems like my toast/notification issues where resolved
  10. There's goes my hope of a nice alliance overhaul for this week (No pressure on you, fast dev I#ve seen so far. I'd just like more options for alliances)
  11. When tracking FoT, these flags out of range show up at a distant, tricking me into thinking about new peacekeeping points. Is this related to that circle-and-rectangles stuff or a bug?
  12. Would it be possible to also only show this highest score in the my lands overview? Right it seems like the sum of all walls.
  13. I can confirm this behavior, getting 1 supply from 5 supply factories. On a side note, toasts/notifications for resources from scrapping seem to work very unreliable with me sometimes getting no toast and sometimes for the first x. (UPDATE: Seems like notifications for collecting resources via satellite or the global button also shows this behaviour).
  14. I definitely need these wave notifications, for killing FoT soldiers without destroying the lands for sustained peacekeeping points inflow. But I agree with the idea of customizable notifications as for example I don't really find the "Resource received" notifications helpful.
  15. I would also be ok, with just long pressing the tooltip or something like that to copy the player name
  16. With the addition of the new land tooltips would it be possible to add a button to track a player. Currently you'll have to remember the name and type it in, possibly with unknown specials chars, accents etc.
  17. I would really like the game like this, but for me (and probably most players with bigger lands) this would involve travelling to different cities everyday. Due to the size of my land atm my only interactions with DE over the day are capturing at base; collect resources with tracking satellite; hunt AI at different bases. I agree with @Ruvox that another aspect of DE I enjoy is the ability upgrade my lands, grow my wealth and the interaction with other players (alliances [I'm waiting for that update ;)], fighting over areas etc.) be it human or inhuman ones.
  18. The issue is resolved with the new update, which wasn't out when I asked for an update. 😉
  19. SebRut

    Combat mechanics

    Thank you for your detailed explaination. Os if I understand this correctly, atm the only benefit of having large armies to attack is that you can pretty much leave combats unsupervised without the risk of running out of soldiers? (and from a defenders perspective; more soldiers to be slain till your structures get damaged)
  20. SebRut

    Combat mechanics

    Would it be possible to get some more in depth explanation about how attacking and defending works? Right now it's "send soldiers in and lets what happens" for most players with no possibility to estimate the outcome of a battle.
  21. Which kind of statistics would you like to have? If @Mr. D would be willing to make the raw numbers accesible I could probably build some web app to access these statistics.
  22. The blue one is indeed allied territory.
  23. As stated above the lvl 300 land and lvl 200 land do not merge even with the larger one overlapping the smaller ones middle.
  24. Right now players starting with DE might have a hard time, as the moment when advanced players see them, they might track them and effectively can prevent them from making any progress in the game. In @Ruvox and my opinion it would be a good idea to protect starters from tracking. We've came up the idea to attach tracking of non-npcs and non-alliance players with a cost. This could be coupled with progress indicators such as summed up base level difference of both players * x.
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