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  1. Could we also get a notification of how many soldiers our turrets killed?
  2. When you loose a Battle. There is some survivors (from the army) that managed to not get killed. A perk could probably train the soldiers to have a higher chance of survival. Better equipped soldiers could also have a higher chance of survival
  3. I want survivors
  4. You lose the battle lose your army except for some survivors. The other guy win, but you got like a few survivors
  5. They managed to get away before they got killed, but also fougth (they did not bail instantly) they sat traps and stuff (I'm talking about my idea, not the movie)
  6. A bit like the movie "behind enemy lines"
  7. But, I meant like if you lost the battle.
  8. Tactican only increase the defence. I meant like your army lost a battle, but have some survivors left.
  9. Ok, what about if some soldiers can survive an attack from a bigger player (perk?) Would be really nice and a little realistic and in depth. Do you know tom Raines? I have also edited the post 30min ago
  10. Mabye some users don't understand, mabye they need a way to know what is happening. Tutorial?
  11. The cap button 05:27 but when I tap the "my lands" and then tap the normal map. The cap button is normal 00:00. Then it update the countdown. I can also restart the game. The 3 other images tell the story of the upper bar with personel and stuff. Btw, we really want a better ally system. Like send volentier troops (cost supply to send long distances) may be a perk for that (cannot be too op) the higher perk the higher the amount. May need lots of supply. The ability to see far away Ally's. Be able to have big alliances.
  12. The cap button
  13. What about a perk for the towers? A chance that they can take the dubbe amout of the damage or something?
  14. Isn't communication relay better than turret for defending? You get a bigger army, but the turret is good if you lost your army?
  15. I mean like bugs for the map. Sometimes you only see a little part of the map (restart the game or go to another tab like "my lands"). There's one with the flag button (same thing). Also one where the bar with resources is gone. (Push a tab) Also: how do I see how many my towers have killed?
  16. We have made alliances in the discord and it would be very nice to have a better system in the game. A way to support players far away (cost supply) you always end up with alot of supplies. We are alot of people who want it and it's getting advanced. I made the U.D.E.O
  17. Could trackingsattelite help the army? Because it's show the soldiers possision and the surrounding. Btw there are some loading bugs (go to "my lands" or restart the game to fix)
  18. Also: I often need to restart the game to make the countdown as it should.
  19. Anything that could help Ally's? Alliances? Big alliances? Help the Ally's in need. Cost supply.
  20. Again, can you please come with a way to help Ally's? Like send volentier troops. Can you make an army be able to have suriviours? Give them Equipment and stuff. Smaller army's at small places that will probably not be attacked and it takes a little time to get the other army's there.
  21. Give the players roles (lv) over lv 10 base= independent country or something. Could someone under lv.10 be able to go into a union with someone over lv.10 (when the player is over 10 the player claim itself independence) or something.
  22. About the pay to win, what if you could make some money from ads? Watch an ad to skip one claim land or make it 5min faster ones. One more try on the bar code. (You can only watch an ad ones a day) we talked about it in the DE discord server, many agree. Could we get leaderboard for building value and lost soldiers?
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