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  1. What!?! Å is not A, Å is last (zæøå) And Svalbard and Jan Mayen Are both Norwegian. Why not have a (no) behind?
  2. I kinda like making big structures.
  3. Thanks for nr.2 I made a smile with walls before and it took a long time.
  4. I could also take pictures of things
  5. The videos would be helping videos to show mechanisms? Opened by a secondary tab from the left thing, idk. Videos for players who want to be pros, but didn't play from the beginning. No rush, it takes time to make Videos and I can send a link and you can use it like 3weeks after 5, 7, 8 a long time. I'm patient or I may not make Videos. Your choice.
  6. What if we make a tutorial video? The gametutorial give links to videos on YouTube. I may make some and give you the link so you can watch to see if they are good enough. A video for the different mechanisms. How long will the boring stuff take? 3weeks?
  7. It's not random. May look like it, but I take my time to show you a few things that's may be something to do. Something you see and be like "aaaah now I know what to do" May I ask you your priorities? The ad suggestions? Watch an ad to use the bar code again (one time a day)
  8. Leaderboard for lost soldiers?
  9. News tab? Btw, sometimes a big part of the map get black and youst a scuare is normal (must restart to fix it)
  10. Can you have an 100years since WW1 event? 11th of the 11 that will make you give a five minute silence for the lost people of the first world war. You will also get a badge for giving the silence.
  11. My birthday is on Friday the 13th
  12. Can you add a leaderboard for building value?
  13. People have said in the forum that they play the game less (for obvious reasons) and want a better alliance system etc. I'm on their side with that one. And you know the century turret? How about a mortar, that defend land (not the land it stand on) and deal a little more dmg?
  14. Ok, thanks Could we be able to get a faster way to place sandbagwalls?
  15. Look at the pic I can't remember to claim the 1+ supply and now it's 2+ Btw a friend of me "potetkongen" get personell from nothing.
  16. Never remember getting this! Is there a bug in the updates? Btw, possible to have a button to upgrade all sandbags?
  17. Could we please be able to trade lands with other players far away so we could get influence in an area? Help allys with wars. Youst be able to track them as an Ally and trade a land. Please! We om the forum wants to be able to help people far away and stuff. Want to talk about it?
  18. I can't remember to claim one. Do you know where IT is?
  19. Yeah, youst send some flyers and tell friends. Don't forget That you can also buy unobtanium in the game. You can also translate
  20. How did i get (+10gold)? Help me! I don't cheate. Where is the building? Please reply fast.
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