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  1. I'm not taking about micromanagement, I'm taking about creating laws for the whole country--creating laws for every single land is just ridiculous! For example, there's federal laws and state laws in the United States. I want to control federal laws, as in create laws for the entire country. I just think that it will add more depth in the game and will make people be on the game more often.
  2. I can see that... But I would think that already seeing your population would be good. What I mean by "everyone being happy" is making certain laws that everyone likes and creating certain ideologies that the population wants. You wouldn't be a scout if you were in charge of a military and a country... I would say that your a president/dictator/king, etc. I want more features to control scouts, soldiers, and the population.
  3. I think that something other than a bunch of circles everywhere would be more realistic. Other ideas are cities, towns, etc. Population of the cities, making your people happy. Scouts to explore new land, colonies and exploration. Right now I think that something that will enhance other lands and exploration will make the game all a lot better.
  4. I have a few suggestion's for the game. First, I want to customize our kingdoms with coat of arms so we can recognize other players. The coat of arms could be seen if you zoom out. Second, it would be amazing if the world was hexagon based. Buildings could be placed on hexagons. So the more hexagons, The more buildings you can build. Other players can battle for hexagons and other resources. If you ever played the civilization games, you know what I'm talking about. Lastly, I think that there should be special events on holidays, I'm sure people would like the game more i
  5. Yes, sadly it was a bug... The same thing happened multiple times until I redid the game. Thanks for fixing the bug though! Really appreciate the hard work!
  6. So now I stumbled across this... I'm zoomed in all the way and I found over 2000 money? Is this a glitch or just an extremely huge supersized resource bundle?
  7. Thanks Mr. D! It was my first supersized resource and perhaps one of the biggest! Really enjoying the game and props on the frequent updates!
  8. Alright, thanks for the help! Just surprised me at the huge amount of money in such a rural area.
  9. Interesting... So 1/100 resources would be supersized. Is there any factors that can also change this such as in rural or urban areas and what not? I started playing this game almost a week ago and I'm still learning new things...
  10. I've recently been playing and I found this gem: I'm wondering how rare something like this is to happen again or if there's an algorithm behind this?
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