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  1. Zoom buttons it's not a critical update. The map can use by one finger. And zoom/out too. button "R" is not the hand. This button collects the resources not on the map, and from the stations. And its handy timer showing the time remaining on the screen. Moreover, to enter my land and the more out of with one hand uncomfortable. The button "flag" offer to transfer or alienate by hand. As it is often mistakenly press it. And it's wrecking plan. 15 minutes because of an error has not been canceled
  2. maximus43


    need to adjust the balance accurately . Initially, you need to understand the process of the battle. Many have not seen it yet. For example. what if multiple players attack one. This could be would be interesting. This would encourage alliances. To create multiple armies in one base.
  3. ideas about interface. 1. delete button "i" from first screen. On this place make a new button "get rsources" from menu "My lands" 2. Move the button "capture" to the down-right angle. 3. two new buttons "zoom map" that's all need for easy use a game from car or bike by one hand
  4. One time i'm was try capture a oil tower. When i come to the tower. and captured it. i will be surprised. I received a new land. After rotation the map the oil tower stood on another street. It was be on the steep hill. possible it's a problem connect with terrain on google maps
  5. I'm not saying that you do not need to travel. I just wanted to change the model of the land's progress. Maybe. untie it from time. After all, for example, the time at +25 degrees and at -20 is felt differently.) And even when traveling. It is unlikely that the player can find 25 hours of time for the development of the land.
  6. @MR.D I hear you. But i have some objections. 1. I think , that' s no any strategies in this model of game. Day to day you go to the work and back, level up 1,2,3 point that's all. 2. example. yesterday on the run i am captured and upgrade my lands. But i can't stand and wite 15 minutes for next up becouse: first - it's run, second - a little cold -15С. And i think. a lot of people upgrade lands near home or work and lose interest in the game. I think . Must be anothe model of progress in the game. Maby ..... the ability to create multiple armies in one base and di
  7. the resources shows on the map random. You must take a phone in you hand and go to the point where you see resources. and press button "hand"
  8. Ithink. will be good. When large and smaller borders of lands contact. The Small land automatically got a top level and consolidated with first land. the player DE must be a planed your steps and got a chance capture more lands with a minimum game time steps?
  9. Hi, all. After played game few days, i hav some idaes. 1. (Pic1). When i'm stand at the blue piont. I can upgrade the land "Two". But then the land "two" have a maximum level of the current buildings. I can't bulding new element from blue point. I'm must out from the circle of the land "one". Bulding new element and continue upgrade land "two". I thing will be good, if the land showed on the picture as a wave belonged to the land "two". 2. about warehouse. For examole. I have 10/10 items in player and 10 items (lev 1 warehouse ) on the warehouse. I can't make the change items
  10. Hello. Please help me. Maybe I'm not understanding. I thought that's the lage (100) land and the smaller land can merging? How?
  11. From center of 1land is 550...600...650m
  12. i try 50, 100, 150 m . But not make a new land. today try still. My gps work correctly
  13. hello! i created the land of 100 level. I want to put a new land near the hi level land. I am go to 550 m from center of land and try take the new land. But i get a message: "my land have a max level. i get a new resources on the map". After 15 minutes i was go to 50 m still and try again. But message as in first time. What distance from center of the land need go to for take up a new land?
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