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  1. Even though I am not in a point where it affects me, I feel this makes plenty of sense! Keep up with the good work.
  2. RGS

    Game ideas

    Elaborating on that, when you are attacking someone's base (not a piece of territory; the actual base) the information you get from the "Army Controls" vs the info in the messages is slightly confusing. What it looks like is that in the army controls, the "level" it shows is the total amount of steps you have taken already to upgrade your base, while the messages say I "destroyed 0 levels" because I didn't reduce the real level of the base (while I actually reduced some of the steps). This took me a while to figure out (and may not be correct)...
  3. I just saw a topic where someone had the same problem. How can I delete this? Sorry ...
  4. I am currently around 300km from my home base and I am trying to capture land to create a second base. Regardless of the location I choose, I get an error message saying "oops" and then telling me to move elsewhere and try again.
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