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  1. It's a tutorial. Just don't do it..? 🙃 It doesn't take up a slot
  2. Tutorials are not meant for older players who know how to build barracks and other stuff newbies are asking about. We got it just so we don't miss out on rewards, I guess, but it's not something we should now complain about because it's too easy to do... Not like it's going to be a problem in a month or two, when all oldies complete it (or decide not to bother) and only new players are going to have it... So as a heads up for older players - cool 😊 but for developers... Not sure how it's something they should worry about... Thanks for letting us earn some extra unobtainium, @Mr D! 🙃
  3. C'mon! It's a tutorial... You know that, right? 🙃 If you just logged in for the first time, you don't have to travel 100km for your first base and you don't have *any* resources to build *anything* yet alone all the structures. So you progress naturally. Can't do it right now? Move on to the actual quests and leave the tutorial alone..? 🙃
  4. Try sending drones somewhere more populated..? 😊
  5. TBH I can't see anything wrong with it... We do have the game supporters top and no one is complaining that you need to pay to get there 🙃 so I think a new top exclusively for paying players won't hurt (and probably even help the game 😊) And I do support the country idea! Love it!
  6. Of course not! You have lots of defense now when someone attacks you 🙃
  7. So you load them *before* you leave your base..? Sounds like a convenience that can be purchased for unobtanium to me (Same with the moving your base instead of creating a new one), not a must have gameplay feature...
  8. That's pretty much what you suggested, so... Why would you be complaining? I think, the simpler we keep the system, the less "tactics" that would lead us back to this kind of situation we'll have 🤷 And I don't want to get nerfed again because someone's gameplay is borderline cheating 🙃
  9. If you need to move your base once a month, you are doing something wrong, TBH... Why would you even want to move it more than once?
  10. Maybe if it is on the lvl20 land, it gets merged automatically upon buying 🤷 I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just gathering more information 🙃
  11. Is it located on your lvl20 land..?
  12. So here's your opportunity to strategically put lands so they don't clash too much? 🙃
  13. I'm guessing it's going to be the same as it is currently when you're trying to upgrade smaller land and the bigger one is in it's way..?
  14. All of your locations are currently saved 😂 That's what your check ins are 🙃
  15. Can you make a screenshot of your "My lands" tab? 🙃
  16. No offense, but I think it's a bit of an overkill 😂 You got robbed by the FoT, more incentive to get rid of them 🙃
  17. And yet you didn't answer my question. What did you expect that you didn't get?
  18. What were you expecting to get? You got a victory point, points of Fame and ability not to see his sorry face any more 😊 The same reward you'd get if he didn't retreat.
  19. So, where can I download your successful and not laggy games?
  20. Maybe you should have fewer Allies? I'm pretty sure it's pretty much how EU works: you have Germany, UK and other big guys who "collect a lot of resources" and have to share them with less fortunate Greece and Co Don't like it - Brexit is your answer If you had such problems with this separation you should have mentioned it when people where asking for it... Did you? As for your reasons - again, you want to gain something only by sitting on your couch and it's something that has been discouraged from day one and in every topic... So not sure you have my sympathy here. I do agree with perks though - I worked hard to unlock them, I should be the one to benefit from them!
  21. You mean, you want the circle, that appears every time you press the Hand button, to be on permanently instead of the blue dot? As for myself, I'd like to ask if some kind of a reminder can be put in place when you try to capture a land near a resource station? I understand it's really my problem, but sometimes it takes me a couple of days to capture a station because I keep forgetting about it! (Although, items help a lot with it, which is amazing! )
  22. If it's not a trustworthy source, just some random stuff, its going to be as good as renaming it to any random stuff...right? Having towns and cities is enough for a label of a randomly placed flag. IMHO
  23. I think it's careless to allow people to change names for free. Having "stupid SEO" is going to be child's play compared to all the "nice words" that might appear because of the uncontrolled renaming... Just saying...
  24. It's not buggy, it was created having people you travel with in mind. Like if I play with my sister and she's always with me, collecting resources just for myself while she just stands there watching even sounds unfair, right? 😊 And I don't need a chat, because she's there (500m away) and she knows if I'm attacked. Obviously, the game grows and a more advanced alliance system is going to be in place. But that was the idea behind the current one if I remember correctly 😊
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