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  1. I like new design but I think the old one was Ok too. Usability should be improved though. Honestly, I think the problem with the game it not the design. It is gameplay. Now when I merged my home-circle with work-circle I almost have nothing to do in the game. Building structures like communication stations and silos gives almost nothing. No satisfaction, no feeling of expanding territories. I need to go to the distinct parts of my city to add new lands but because of 15-minute delays I cannot do too much there too. When I move to 100+ km from my city I place the new base there but it happens
  2. I cannot check item transfer now but I see that when I delete items there is no error messages now. It looks like it is more reliable and responsive now. Though it would be nice to have the option to delete multiple items at once.
  3. AntKeeper


    Before creating alliance I'd like to know what it gives me. Will we have shared lands? Will it be able for merging? Will we share all resources automatically?
  4. I've noticed a minor bug. When I am in My lands view and go to Menu -> Tracked Players I don't see them. The map doesn't switch to Map View as it is expected. I also have a suggestion. I always delete everything from warehouse except Super Magnets. So right now I have to delete 53 items and make 106 taps. Usually I see errors that "item could not be found" as I tap too fast. Sometimes I even delete Super Magnets due to lags and moving third line to the second place. I wish it to be simplified somehow to do this repeatable task with minimal taps.
  5. Maybe this is not a key feature but it is still very important to have the ability to contact another players. Otherwise it is impossible to negotiate, create alliances, discuss meetings, invite to messenger chats etc. Discord is not popular in my country, I am pretty sure no one of regional players has it installed. Telegram became a standard for GPS games. The simplest implementation could be just P2P chat system. Better than nothing. Just add there black list and maybe prohibit sending messages during several days after registration and from inactive players to prevent spam from newly creat
  6. Ah, I haven't thought about that. I don't think that's a case. This symbol exists in every font for a long time.
  7. Some things are not clear for me in leaderboard. Does Land area list display list of players or list of alliances? In the richeest lands list for my country I see three players with 26000+ score. That means they should have bases of level 26+, doesn't it? But in the list of bases with highest levels I see only one of them. It would also be better to use "m²" instead of "m2".
  8. I also see that 'biggest base' leaderboard is fixed now. Great.
  9. I've cleared data storage and now it occupies about 70MB of main memory. That's ok now, thanks.
  10. I have less than 1GB of free memory so I wonder why does the app require 250MB (120MB of main memory for app and 133 MB for data). It is one of the biggest apps in my phone but there are no even any 3d graphics or any media. Map data? When I move the app to SD card figures are: Total: 293MB App: 57MB App (SD): 102MB Data: 134MB Data (SD): 108KB So it still occupies 190MB of main memory.
  11. Oh, I see now. But is the distance of terrorsts' attacks the same (100 km)? Otherwise they will be able to attack but I will not be able to destroy their base without visiting their (unknown) location.
  12. That's interesting. Not sure I understand how Google Services are used to generate terrorists. I was thinking that game generates them using own rules and places in some random locations near active players. BTW today one of my land was attacked by terrorists right after I had upgraded it. It was very weak attack but there is still no any visible lands/bases nearby. Maybe they are ninjas :-)
  13. Let's speak English here as it is international topic. Yes, I still don't see any reachable terrorist. So no new perks. It's a pity. One more problem - leaderboard is not updated. I have base level 18 and there is still level 16. That's why I don't like Google Play's ratings. They look like something unnatural for any application.
  14. I haven't been seeing terrorists in 100 km radius for several days so I start worry about them :-) How often they appear?
  15. Oh, thank you, I found it at last. I was sure it is related to the first wall only. Also "View" is not associated with building something.
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