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  1. As far as I know, there's only 2 other players. Both new to the game. One I work with. I was the only one in the area, that I'm aware of anyway. I had just restarted the game, as I was having gps issues. It was only maybe 10 seconds old.
  2. I found a 300 stack supply resource but didn't get it when I picked it up. That and a gold stack disappeared I was using a super magnet at the time.
  3. Another idea. When it comes to collecting resources outside of your reach limit, there could be a special operations building that produces "extraction teams." With this building, you could sent your team out to gather resources. This would have to be heavily regulated though, maybe make it so you can only do it once every 24 hours, and only when located at the base. Other buildings you could add are vehicle depots, airports, and naval stations (If located near water.) These buildings would allow faster movement of troops between areas as well as help with firepower and defense. When one of th
  4. There could be a way around this. You could make it so that you can't enter vacation mode for 7 days after you attack somebody. The same would go for the retaliating player. That would allow ample amount of time for the attacked player to retaliate.
  5. I've noticed at least one other person in my area. Anyone on here around NE Indiana? For alliances or just to give us a general idea of how many people are around.
  6. I'm playing alone. Non of my buddies are interested in the game yet.
  7. Not yet, I'm still a beginner. I'm getting there slowly.
  8. Thanks! Highly enjoying the game so far, just having a few issues with gathering resources and private property. It's almost 90% of the resources around me are to far into private property and almost 100% of resource stations. Makes it hard to get started as a newby.
  9. Hello all, mclainj here! Been in game a couple of days now and am rocking it from Northern Indiana, US.
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