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  1. That's for addressing this 👍 I've been kicked out of Google login so i cannot play so I look forward to 2.0.
  2. Great ideas! I definitely agree with almost everything you suggested. Also, are you back friend?
  3. This is a very very old thread and as far as we can tell the odds are slim we will ever see an alliance system that is fully functional and useable. However deal with this players have banded together and formed a few different Alliances (all of the names escape me at this moment). We also have a very large discord, that'll I'll link below it helps you get in contact with her players and form/find alliances. I'm a member of the largest one, the URAS, but please feel free to join the community and then select your alliance. Official DE Discord https://discord.gg/UwWGzP UR
  4. Thank you. I find this update of idea extremely refreshing compared to the former system. I do however have 2 questions 1) does this mean it will constantly be pinging my GPS? 2) Will I be able to "start" my travels from a utility structure even if I cannot end them there? And does this 1 for 1 expand? (Eg, I travel 100 km I get 100 points not a interest system)?
  5. I really like both ideas 1 and 3. Number 1 would be difficult to implement I'm sure but would again make allies relevant (at least in foreign areas)
  6. It was sarcasm. Also, you are right. Also, Irrelevants, stop it. I'm not doing this with you right now.
  7. Great solution! Oh... But that might require development 🤔
  8. My frustration with this is pretty huge. Really I don't have much to say except to indicate that I find it hugely annoying that rather than fixing holes with the current system it's just being gutted. If my car has bad brakes and needs new tires I don't throw out the car I just replace them. This is a situation that I feel you should have done something to replace the bad tires of the mechanics rather than throw the whole car out. (Oh, and tell us "just use Uber!")
  9. Look, as it is well known by the community, I have been very doubtful of the games future. That being said I recently took a road trip and got several lands high enough to make the bases with just minimal amount of U$ (about 25$ worth USD) I'm here to ask straight up, should I spend the money or are you going to reset the game/sunset this soon? Like honestly, love the game but we haven't seen anything meaningful in months... Is this still a project worth our time or should we come back in 2.0?
  10. Can we please just lock this thread already? This is chaotic and ineffective whatsoever.
  11. Yeah. Your pretty much dead on 👌
  12. I have to say, I'm not much of an optimist and I'm very disappointed that it's just you deving it (because more = faster, not that you've done a poor job). However the update is welcome and makes me extremely excited to see what we will be seeing soon. The graphical redesign looks incredible and way way better, and we are excited for the rollout later this year. Thanks for the update.
  13. I question how much this game is still considerered "Under Dev" and how much it's leaning towards "Shelved"
  14. I'm still okay with the 100 levels = 10 transferred levels. What would be statisfacty to you?
  15. I'm going to shamelessly bump this post and ask for this to be added. So basically. Bump. But yeah this idea is still simply the best.
  16. Currently, this game is being "rewritten". So I wouldn't bet on it soon.
  17. 1. Okay, then I like that. 2. Meh, I'm still not 100% on this idea, but a smaller cooldown (50 days) wouldnt be too bad. 3. I'm just going to stick with my "This would be too hard to teach new players" point, and besides it's not like we have a robust tutorial for anything else. 4. Okay, that could work... I don't love it (i don't even like it) but it would be a significant block to the "pass and grab" group. New points since this is getting old to fine-tune further and further. @Mr D, I understand you're a busy guy but you haven't given us any indication of which
  18. Again, I count you a friend so this isn't about you, but your ideas and mine. 1. Everyone would just trade level 99 lands and if you staggered the price.. well not much good still. You would have people just eating the price and/or buying lands at low levels. 2. That might work, but as a reminder, Governor has purchased several lands over level 100 in the last 100 days and those were fair and legitimate trades. 3. This one breaks even non-couching trading/and I find super confusing (not to mention hard to teach new players) 4. Yeah, I think removing the ability to trade
  19. I'm not going to write near as long as my previous comment because I think I have explained the POV from a player who actually uses FA. I'm just going to say, I play the game for several reasons, I love to capture land, I love to hold influence over my area, and I love I can play a game when I'm away from home but it doesn't take an enourmous amount of time. (Also, one of my favorite things was Google Places, no that has gone away I'm still wanting a 5.99 "Name everything for free" buy-in) So, as aforementioned, I can't do the first very often, the second is still doable, the third
  20. Okay. I was going to stay out of this but I realized that there are actually no "Couchers" here. I'm going to say it, I am. I am a Coucher. Now, I'm going to explain why, and why I think we desperately need to break couching. First, I'm going to explain Why I choose to become a coucher. First off, I had read through the terms and conditions for my favorite game and noticed that there was no rule saying that I couldn't use a family member as a Bank. This was my initial go at it, first, I was going to use a collective account for the entire family, that way as we all t
  21. That's true, but whereas I would happily lose 10 of my precious land levels in my Death Star III land, I would not be willing to level up a land 100 times that is far away from home. Especially when the reward is actually non-existent, I'm not adding levels I'm just moving them. At a cost of 25 perfect hours of gameplay that can't be near my land. Disclaimer: part if my adamant fight against the 750 is both my job and my house are within 700m ~ of my land. So it would srsly be disadvantages to have to get a new job.
  22. And I'm back. - So putting a range limit? I hate it. If we are going to allow couch upgrades I think we just reevaluate whether we really want this. A 750m minimum range with remove the whole point to do it at home (as most of us grow tired of home builds. ) - great idea. - I think a heafty fee is perfectly reasonable. - This. This is phenomenal. I couldn't say I like this enough. It's perfect bc it already has so devalued the land that this is barely even efficient but I know for one I would absolutely love the chance to range upgrade a flag *that I already have built*
  23. This is incredible. This is the *perfect* way around the burn out that I think lots of us have experienced. I have so much more to say but I have to get back to work. I will be back
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