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  1. Well, looks like I had to be the first one to kick this off. I'd like to see others contribute too so to get more people involved and motivated I will be making a FAQ kind of list of every feature in the game. This will take alot of time, effort and help from you guys. If you wish to participate send me a snippet where you explain a feature of the game. I will make an example below so you know what I'm planning to do. Anyone who patricipates will obviously get credit for their work and I will make sure Dan knows everyone who helped out. Force of Terror / FoT / AI The
  2. Hello and welcome to Domination: Earth I assume you have stumbled onto this section of the forums because you would like some help and guidance on your journey to conquer the world! I have written this quick guide to help you on your way. Please note that I will use the terms "land" and "flag" alot but they are essentially the same thing. 1. Starting the game After creating your account and setting up your profile, you are thrown straight into the game. There is no 'forced' tutorial you have to go through so this might leave you a little confused. Refer to t
  3. @Grizzlyfilms Is this some kind of day mode user joke i'm too night mode user to understand?
  4. @Grizzlyfilms Didn't you have a 6 page idea thread already? Maybe throw that missile defense thingy in there Doesn't really relate to the topic at hand
  5. Wait... What? No! You don't have to travel around the world even once to get a fair amount that lasts you for ages. I haven't been doing any long roadtrips ever since the travel point system update and I got more than plenty of it. I have done all the merges I can and still have several thousands of them to go. I Grizzly understand it might be harder for a underaged person or someone without a car to just "go out and travel" but that's still the idea you know? Rather than changing the whole games aim so we can cater to an partially unintended audience we should be thinking of ways to help
  6. Updated - Same problem Cleared cache and everything else, uninstalled and installed the "new" app - Same problem Problem persists
  7. This is a thing that has bothered me ever since the sentence "We don't want more buttons because the screen will become too cluttered" was said here on the forums. I 100% understand and support that but then again you have a huge button for basically the first 2 days of playing after which it becomes useless and is never ever again used. And said button is right on the main screen, kek! Never really bothered to complain about it officially as theres other things to be done but since we are talking about possible future updates this one should definitely be up there
  8. Tried clearing everything and reinstalling but to no effect. Upon starting the app there is a second where I can see the spinner bit then the screen "switches" and I get a static picture of the logo. Oneplus 5T OxygenOS 9.0.8
  9. Sadly I'm gonna have to be the first one to throw this one up into the air: Game doesn't work for me anymore after this update. It gets stuck on first screen with the Domination Earth logo
  10. Always had this problem. Notifications work how they like. Sometimes I get double ping and sometimes none. About 60% of the time they work like supposed to. Not sure if there has been a change recently as I haven't played for a while as I havent left the city.
  11. I feel you on this one Grizzly as I stumbled upon this problem myself last year. But no worry! There is a solution in the game as is. Just build a sandbag and keep repairing it and you will not lose any levels on the land when FoT attacks. So no need for 'quick' updates (if any) there. Regarding the renaming I will throw in my thoughts on this. - The cost for renames is way too high, I agree on that. A one-time buy to be able to rename lands might be a better choice in the sense that more people would probably buy it but then it would also give off a monetization vibe. -
  12. I stumbled onto this old thread but thought I'd let you know that the problem still exists. The game and forums both stop basically working every day at the same time for about 30-40 minutes. Some connections do go through but mostly it's really restricted. This issue has been around basically since this thread was made but we have learned to "live with it".
  13. This is kind of not related to Domination: Earth but still kind of, is it will be played during this trip nevertheless. Me, my girlfriend and our dog are going on a roadtrip (again) in the following two weeks. We are planning on a route going through Finland -> Sweden -> Denmark -> Germany -> Poland -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland. But this is our first time in most of these countries so I ask you locals: What is there to do and see in your country? Any and all inputs are greatly appreciated since we planned this all in basically two days and haven't h
  14. Hello! As most have mentioned here in the forums and at discord, the game as currently stands has an fairly outdated tutorial (Sorry Dan ). The "Tutorials & Guides" section is also screaming for content. This in my mind should be fixed or changed somehow. This responsibility many are trying to put on Dan. But the problem to this is that Dan hasn't got the time. He just moved to a whole new country and he has to pay the bills and to do that he has to work. Working means less time to work on the game. But what if us, the community and the players, helped out him abit? So not just to com
  15. There are so many things I want to comment on this but I just can't figure out how to do it without sounding rude... Also, "boi"? No... Just... No...
  16. Offtopic but I actually laughed out loud when I saw the picture with the sandbags
  17. @Luna You can change your ingame name and your "nations" name for free in profile settings
  18. @Grizzlyfilms Travel points is good. For earlier mentioned reasons and also influence has a totally different meaning.
  19. Go away 😂 In my defence I woke up at 5am for my morning shift so such brainfarts are to be expected!
  20. Thank you for reacting on the current problem with such haste even though you are busy in your private life. I feel that you have gotten alot of negativity thrown at you regarding the thought of removal of land trades and your absence from coding. I respect that you still try to find a solution that pleases for majority rather than taking the easy way out. Regarding the new changes here are my questions; - Do you have any plans on updating the current anti-cheat that is in place with these new changes? - Do you have an estimate on how long it will be until we can expect
  21. (We are also discussing this in the discord)
  22. Heres my input on this, tryin got keep the quotes as clear as possible. All fairly minor losses taking in mind the current player base. Also military take-over only grants one 1lvl land in a period of what? Several hours? Also you could always surrender if you don't wish to fight. So no, this would not really make unwanted wars happen. And is being in an alliance all of a sudden a horrible thing? No but to be able to drive the car to the mechanic you need a handbrake. This is merely a temporary fix to a wide problem. This is maybe out of the 10 messages in this thread t
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