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  1. Are there any plans to repurpose the Scrap Master perk, considering that it is no longer applicable?
  2. Unfortunately, that's normal. Level 1000 is the maximum for a Utility building. The use of a charge is annoying to be sure.
  3. Uh, you're welcome.
  4. OK, a few more thoughts. It turns out that there's some utility with the time-based filters. I specifically use it when I'm relatively stationary and on a level 100+ land, so when it is set to Day, it renders just what I need without having to switch between map filters, especially when I go after FoT. Based on that, I would recommend a minor UI change. I feel the time-based filters would be better if it were in the Additional Options menu, adjacent to the Map Filters and Map Style buttons. When traveling, I would switch to disabled mode, and it would make sense to not have to open Profile and hit Save when I do. Just more thoughts.
  5. I suppose that I should leave some feedback as I was mentioned when the original idea emerged on Discord. The separation of FoT from "other" players is a nice feature. I wonder if someone complained that I kept sending alliance requests so that I wouldn't accidentally attack them when I hunt for FoT. 🙂 The filter for lands, however, might be useful for some players but not for me. My style of play usually requires knowledge of lands in the immediate vicinity. Otherwise, I might accidentally upgrade a land that I prefer not to. I often desire to plant a land next to an existing land for merging purposes as that makes base point acquisition more efficient and generates Travel points. An invisible land from over a month ago would be difficult to account for. A preferred filter would be to limit visibility to either a certain distance from a designated position (current position or camera position) or perhaps the nearest given number of lands (say 100). I suspect that isn't as program friendly since the data would be dynamic rather than the static interaction date of a land, but it would agree with my style of play while reducing rendering time. Just my thoughts.
  6. Thanks for adding sorting for Items. It does help with searching for what to use. Long-term project idea: sorting and perhaps filtering of other lists, specifically Characters and Bases. Currently Characters are listed in ascending order by acquisition, but sorting by level and rarity makes sense, although no rush as it will take a while for many of us to get collections large enough. Base sorting would be highly appreciated. Sorting by distance should be the default, but often other properties would make sense. I can think of by base size, by army size, by defence size (useful when making constructions). Ascending and descending modes should be available as well. The Transfer Army menu should also be sortable. Currently it is in ascending order by establishment, which makes the menu cumbersome. The default should be by distance, much like the menu in assigning characters. Plus, the list should exclude bases that are at maximum capacity. Just a few thoughts for the long term.
  7. As a follow-up on the Show Route function, would it be possible to copy the location's GPS coordinates instead of or in addition to the routing on Google Maps? I presume that latitude and longitude are sent to Maps, but then Maps substitutes an approximate address, which is not of interest to me. I would be also satisfied if there was some way of keeping Maps from making that switch. I'm interested in the coordinates for my own map development.
  8. Just tried it out and it works. Thanks!
  9. I decided to check this out. However, I could not use the perk even though the initial screen shows a cost of 6% of my current PKP. The other screen seems to imply that I need 6% of my maximum storage capacity.
  10. One of the structures was built on one land before the second land was upgraded over it. The second land was planted before the second, thus it took precedence and allowed the other structure to be built. Hope that answers your question. If this gets implemented, that would satisfactorily resolve my concern.
  11. I suppose that I could have said something in advance. It's not that important as I tend to agree with the basic principle and feel this was something of a workaround. My question is how has the issue of two or more utilities in very much the same spot been resolved. The attached photo shows a sentry turret and a silo, on overlapping lands, that will occupy the same spot when the lands are eventually merged. What will happen to each structure, and which would be upgradable? The answer to that would help in determining what to recommend.
  12. A concern and a question: Much of my gameplay involves the intentional disappearance of utility structures as they are merged into parent lands. Currently I have a level 1000 structure that I would like to go away when it eventually gets merged into larger lands that I've invested considerable effort in setting up. It now seems that be for nought, unless those structures are somehow invisible to the capture button (in which case, nevermind 😉). Also, does this mean that we are returning to the exchange of base points for core structures on all lands? While that would change my gameplay, I would not be complaining. 😁
  13. Now it's affecting Ashtral. Just got level 10 but not able to trade. Update: it's now working. Maybe there's a small delay.
  14. Evidently Google has yet to approve the app. I agree, it's been quite a while.
  15. In a merge, one or more lands are merged into another land. The surviving land structures remain intact. The lands merged in disappear along with all their structures, including any utilities built on them. I know that missile launchers that disappear because of this refund 5 UBT though.
  16. This is related to the issue that the app has with the Google Play Store. Refer to the thread
  17. I do like the idea of unstacking the structures on lands in as much as being able to access a guard tower "covered" by a missile launcher. My main concern is that there is now a lot of graphics clutter on the map. This likely slows rendering of objects, which impacts high density areas. It also makes it potentially problematic when trying to select an land that's under the structure of another land. Before I downloaded the update, I saw all the structures on the land itself, which I liked as one could cycle through to get to the desired structure. Perhaps this could be restored with perhaps a pop-up menu for choosing which attack structure to use. (Sandbag walls really don't need to be selected.) Another option would be to create a filter for land structures that can be toggled off. This would help with graphics speed and the clutter as well.
  18. Any word on getting app restored to Google Play?
  19. Idea for a perk: Global Collector. It would be an expensive perk (say 10,000 PKP or so). Activating this perk would produce a button that would collect from all Tracking Satellites that are not under cooldown. The cost for using this button would be at a usury cost, say 2-10 personnel per satellite. The idea would be give players who have multiple bases the option to utilize their tracking satellites without having to cycle through all their bases, which can be unwieldy.
  20. Earlier today, I was at a base that I had moved on top of a newly-placed land. I tried to use the remote land capture button, but I accidentally selected the one for the base. It triggered a defence bonus as before, in addition to the Fortify button. I wonder why base lands even have a remote capture button since they are not lands in the traditional sense. My suggestion would be to disable those as well.
  21. I just did some upgrades using the "little hand" button on different lands using extra captures. No confirmation popup on those either. That might explain the issue with the UBT upgrade as well as my resource station captures from before.
  22. Also, if the flag button is hit a second time shortly after it first, no confirmation popup shows. It might need to go through refreshing the map to show the window.
  23. I did some captures on resource stations this morning with extras and no confirmation window appeared. A subsequent regular land capture did produce the window.
  24. I was hoping that push notifications would be back to normal... One thought is make the game push a notification for when a new capture is available, regardless of how many are saved up. This should not really be problematic as it would be a mere few more than normal, yet it would function regularly.
  25. Also, the lack of a timer appears to be causing notifications to not be made.
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