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  1. I have exactly the same problem as ValarMorghulis and the one true king. After the loading screen it stays static on the screen with the logo. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy A50.
  2. Hi all, After being inactive after quite a while I dexided to pick up the game again. When I saw It was updated and the google log in was fixed I updated It. Once the game was updated I opened the game and clicked on sign in with google and clicked the email I play on. After the pop up closed Nothing happened. I tried again and again. After this I decided to uninstall and install the APK of an old version Dan had sent me as a temporary fix. I tried to log in on the old version, but the same thing happens. When you choose your email and the Google pop up closes, nothing happens. This means that I am currently locked out of my account. I hope we can at least find a (temporary) fix for this problem. -Joris
  3. Hi, So I finally got a new phone, and I was happy I'd be able to play the newest version of the game because my old phone couldn't. So I installed D:E and got to the login screen. My account is saved on my google account, but then I found out the "Log in with Google" button doens't work. I can see that the button itself does work because it registers my taps, but I don't get the popup with my Gmail accounts. The Facebook one works, but the Google one doesn't. Then I tried the version that Dan mailed me because of my old phone, and there it did work. So, a long story short: I am able to play the game on the older version, but I still cant play on the newest. I hope this could be fixed. -Joris
  4. The problem still isn't fixed, sadly enough. The summer holiday is here and I would like to have the game up and running again when I'm going on vacation to claim some foreign lands.
  5. Version 4.4.2, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 NEO.
  6. So, I can't open the app anymore since the last update. When I open it, it immediatly says "Domination earth has stopped". I don't know if this has amything to do with my phone being pretty old, or me having an old version of Android. I hope this problem can be solved.
  7. When will that event be? Some summer event?
  8. Maybe it is an idea to implement titles based on m^2, military and peacekeeping points. Something like Small state Big state Small nation Great nation World nation
  9. I have this same problem with the personnel whithin my borders too. I found out this is problem occurs with powerups too. Last week I used 10 Radio Transmitters to collect all the supply whithin the range of 1km. But it wouldn't pickup a supply that was 950 m from my location.
  10. I sometimes have the same problem when cycling.
  11. Joris

    Inactive player

    If he's inactive, his land will disappear after a week of not logging in the game. When he logs back in his land will appear again.
  12. I got attacked by someone to that gave me no chance, and that was very annoying. I couldn't even recapture one of my pieces of land because if I would do that, it would show my base and I would get completely crushed. Isn't there a fix for that too?
  13. It's only a rough idea, but it would be nice to make it that you can ''destroy'' a supply route to the attacking land. I will explain. You have a land that you want to attack. It's 4km away from your base. That you can use google maps or some other route provider to select the 3 quickest routes from your attacking base to the attacked land your army will use. You could use a watchtower, rocket station or nuclear silo to guard a zone on the map and if parts of the attacking army move over a road in that zone they would guard, the attacking army will be damaged by ...%. (That's about what building or level, and so is the range and size of the guardzone.) It's only a rough idea to make the pvp more realistic.
  14. It isn't a real problem, but It's something that can be optimised.
  15. I don't know how hard it may be, but is it possible not to let 2 country's clip in each other. The borders just don't feel 'real' if there's a territory that is posessed by two players.
  16. I've cleared the cache in app settings but it still doesn't work.
  17. That's a great update! I love the new features, but the tags arent't working. Even after restarting the game multiple times and my phone once.
  18. I really dislike the look and I dislike the funcion. See my topic in technical support. And it is much slower than it was. I have a very old version of android too, and I didn't have much malfuncions in the previous versions of the game. There's some watermark over the right down corner too. In my opinion this was a bad update.
  19. The issue has been fixed, but for some reason I disgust of the new update. I hate how the map looks directly straight and I hate the black. I might be very picky but in my opinion I looks disgusting. I really loked how it looked with google maps.
  20. Hi, My map doesn't load. It will probably have something to do with the new map system etc. It stays at "retrieving GPS coordinates". When I go to the my lands tab it does say my nearby base and lands. Pls help
  21. Joris


    I wanted to expand my land, and the message that I had to build/upgrade popped up, so I upgraded the sandbag wall. Then I tried expanding again. My wall was't even done upgrading but it expanded my land. I expect this isn't meant to be happening
  22. I think it's the best Idea to only list In-Game events, because it's a calendar on the forum of the game. So the calendar is probably of the game, and not some regular calendar with any holiday.
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