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  1. This is a very good feature but why are we not able to select an amount of soldiers to transfer to another base without transferring all of your soldiers from the base?
  2. DSEGTeam

    Points of Fame use

    Points of fame is the points you get accumulated for attacking people and alliances, (war). but you best be intellectual on game war mechanics, if not, you'll have a hard time and may lose more than you can gain... War with terrorists is totally different from fighting other people. There are more options other than just a basic skirmish match. Be careful if you choose the war path, dont tread on warlords or mini me's,..fight your own rank areas though you may choose your own destinal path and ignore what I mention. Dont trust anyone, some may be really nice people, b
  3. Cool thanx..I personally didn't know that..but I yabba Dabba do now!
  4. I know this is an old post, but maybe the truce timer should be fixed soon, it's been a while and shouldn't be to much of a coding issue.
  5. One question, once DE2 is released, will our overall progress from DE1, such as current stats, notoriety, leaderboards positions, all our accumulative lands ...etc..xetra, Will all our time and effort from DE1 be roll compatible with DE2 or will we all have to start DE2 from scratch?
  6. You need to make sure your land is at a level 3 before you can create guard towers.
  7. DSEGTeam

    Next Event?

    When will we have another event? Its been a while.
  8. I cant capture anything. Everything else works fine.
  9. Land capture on both land and free capture still not working..been about 5 hrs since I noticed it.
  10. I seen that guy a long time ago and asked around about it but no one new anything about him..couldn't track him either..don't know who he is.
  11. I have noticed that the complaints on the surrender mechanics are all players who attack..I think Mr. D did a great job with the current mechanics and I don't really see a change for it as mr . D did explain that if a lower player does eventually get into a truce or an expired time limit from a truce..they are vulnerable for attack again and also may not be able to grow due to over powerment of the attack player or players lands that over cross smaller players and cannot grow..it woukd be unfair for the weak ones and since this surrender mechanic came into play. .domination earth has seen more
  12. If it said "Truce accepted" before the timer started then it's should end at 00:00 then tell you the truce is over and the timer should dissappear, but if it didn't say "truce accepted" before the timer started then it will stay at 00:00 until the other party accepts the truce. Other than that, I personally do not know, maybe your question can be answered by someone more superior. Peace ✌
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