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    Base Leaderboards

    How come on the leader board for bases established there is a player named pppppppppppp and there's like 4 of them? If it were just 1 player it'd be just 1 guy on leader board as pppppp Is it even the same person? Re: player pppppppppppp on bases established leaderboard I'm just saying cuz how is it coincidentally 4 players named pppppppppppp?
  2. I like this idea, makes sense.
  3. I was wondering, If I attack the forces of Terror will my base still be exposed to other players or does this only happen when you attack players?
  4. You have to be on your 100+ land...when your on your 100+ land just click the flag button like your taking territory. .instead of taking territory it will open up a construction menu for you to place sentry, Silo, towers, relays, sandbag walls etc.
  5. We need more force of terror ai...there's none at all around me in toronto, Ontario. .I killed them all off last week..no respawns yet.
  6. I like your idea..more fairness amongst all level players...
  7. I figured it out, you gotta hit the flag button on your territory, thank you.
  8. How do you use the construction tab to place sentries, silos and relays?
  9. Well, seems I'm not going to West end tonight ...so since you mentioned points..I'm gonna level up what I can in my area in the meantime. And I notice that resources are less when I pick them up in my area, sometimes I even drive around there's not much unless I drive farther. ..but if I level up, things start spawning around more frequently...so hopefully you and I can "keep the peace" between each other like north and south Korea. .until future??.
  10. Ok then I may be wrong..I'm not accusing just suspecting bcuz I never saw taken lands there until this morning. Mr .D said if I see or suspect anything to report it... Like I said I may be wrong but now I see flags when I scanned you last night you were not there.. I'm heading to West end toronto right now..I want to upgrade Jane lambton flag..I want it back. I'll make a deal with you..give me back my lands in West end and North side..u can keep rest in East end Scarborough.
  11. You weren't there yesterday when I was tracking you but today your there..how come I didn't see you then but now I can?
  12. I think i have suspected a cheater and I think I know what he is doing. I believe he is cheating because when I started this game, I lived in the U.S. I now live in toronto. I have only 1 location down south from my current location as I captured it coming into Canada. Now.... I notice on the boundary map the other day where no one was and I was the only beacon/flag there..I even viewed my area and tracked this player and he never had anything at all near me..he was always in the city of Toronto. Now I look at my map and I see him all over the place!..from Toron
  13. I'm all for the peace, he's not...and that 5 day thing ended up a 2 week invasion..and much overtake with no care for other players. ..as to eagle..I did not know I was blocking anything..if we had a communication I would of known..yes I am new player yes I was lvl 400..but I did not know about its effect on other players...please stop attacking and let us enjoy the game! As in a forum post many players such as I don't now about updates unless in discord or wherever..so have a conscience and let us also enjoy the reaps of growing our lands!
  14. Is it possible to implement something where if we are not gonna play because of a family vacation or unexpected death, or anything concerning us not to play that we can select a "go into vacation mode" for a certain minimum or maximum amount of days so we don't battle or collect or get attacked or lose our lands while in this mode? u could also include in vacation mode no pick ups since it's a vacation mode?
  15. As quoted by eagle about nukes..is exactly what I have explained about bashing...only choice my alliance has is to save up and do the same back until there's a truce or fixed update to prevent this bashing.
  16. #1- I live in a building dude..think a little bit. And there is only I Plaza beside us. #2- My friends "saved" my lands from your bashing!, if not you'd have everything! Thank God trade was working before update #3- You can say what you want, I'm not the one who started. #4- if you don't stop attacking me or my friends, we will alliance bombard you with nukes and wavrs of troops and our own guard towers that will make you wanna quit, u think your guard towers and sentry set ups are gonna help? ..or your measly 1700 troops?. ..expect the unexpecte..we are collect
  17. You didn't take all your lands back..you took everything from every player around! Also I only have 1 account. Mr D has already investigated and found out I only have 1 account. Just cuz my friends joined to help doesn't mean I am cheating. Plus you started the war by non stop tower attacks and low ball nukes. Go hide behind your nukes. We will get you soon..Alliance takedown until u stop attacking us.
  18. I was wondering if there is a way you can make the battle mechanics more fair. As I am a new player, I never get a chance to do anything because this guy in my area rated level 20, I'm just 8 going on to level 9- 10..but this way higher level guy keeps attacking and taking my 1 or 2 little lands I have to expand but I can't expand bcuz all he does I swear to God is send troops towards me every single hour of the day..when the battle ends an hour later he does it again..over n over. It's just getting to the point where the constant attacks is annoying and also way outta hand now.
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