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    Main base

    I'm pretty sure the radius stays the same no matter what level. So far to my knowledge the base leveling is pretty much only for increasing your army capacity and the hit points of your base. Other than that it stays at 100km radius.
  2. What country are you from?
  3. MikeHunt


    And yes once you end up attacking someone through army controls it will constantly be attacking the players lands for 10 or 15 waves im pretty sure eith 10 min intervals between each wave. And any defence buildings that are on the land or base must be destroyed first before you can attack the players actual land health and their army.
  4. MikeHunt


    So pretty much you can attack other players bases/lands by swiping right on the land your army is currently stationed at, and select the big yellow button that says army controls. Once you are in that screen it will show 3 options, move army, attack lands, and attack bases. If you wanted to attack someone's lands (any captured points in your own bases radius not including the enemy players base) you just need to select the attack lands option and then a popup window will appear with all the list of players in your vicinity. If there is noone near you, you will get a message saying exactly that
  5. Did you try to do a full restart of your phone? Turning location services on and off in the setting? If you've tried those enable developer options in your setting and then see if your location settings are not set to current position
  6. Lol why would you make your name Mr D when the creators name is Mr D as well......
  7. Yes sir, if you ever need any reinforcements let me know, i have a massive army thirsty for blood! which city are you in?
  8. Hello! My name is MikeHunt. If anyone wants to stake a claim in Canada send me an alliance request! I'll be the leader of Canada for the foreseeable future
  9. I just went to go sign in this morning and it made me sign into my Google account again and when i logon on all of my stuff is gone.....
  10. try to collect the bigger resources than trying to do a bunch of smaller ones. i have found some gold locations that were 400 coins at one time! try to search through all the groups of resources it shows you. even try to capture lands father away from your main base so you can click on them and see what resources are around them to find bigger resources
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