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  1. Hello and welcome to Domination: Earth I assume you have stumbled onto this section of the forums because you would like some help and guidance on your journey to conquer the world! I have written this quick guide to help you on your way. Please note that I will use the terms "land" and "flag" alot but they are essentially the same thing. 1. Starting the game After creating your account and setting up your profile, you are thrown straight into the game. There is no 'forced' tutorial you have to go through so this might leave you a little confused. Refer to the big yellow "GOALS" button on your bottom left corner for a basic tutorial and what you probably should try to do next. First you will want to put down a base. A base is used for multiple things later on. Choose this place wisely as you will want to visit your base every now and then. It is however not suggested to put it down at home, school, work etc places you visit often as you will want to grow your lands there. If you accidentally planted your base in a bad place you can move it for free ONCE, after which it will cost a premium currency (unobtanium) to move. If you are hesitant on where to move it then just save the one free move for a later date when you understand where a good place for a base is. But wait, how do I make a base? Easy! Just press the big yellow button with a flag on it that is located on your right bottom corner and is labeled "LAND" underneath. Normally this button plants a new flag, upgrades a flag, builds a new utility or upgrades an existing utility. But the very first land you plant will become a base. This button will be used alot while playing the game. To read more about bases and what they do refer to this link for more info [insert link] 2. Understanding the mechanics Now that you have your base setup you might have noticed that your "LAND" button now has a countdown on it. Whenever you plant a new flag, grow an existing land, build an utility or upgrade an utility your cooldown timer will start. You will have to wait that 15 minutes until you can grow again as there is no way to bypass it even with premium currency. Planting and growing lands is the fundemental idea of the game. That is how you conquer the world around you. When pressing the flag button in a spot you or nobody else has a land yet, you will make a new level 1 land there. A level 1 land will cover a 5m radius area and every level added by pressing the flag button again in that radius will gain it another 5m radius. You can level up a land up to level 100 which will cover a 500m radius. Level 100 is the cap for one land to grow and after that you will need to merge other lands into it for it to grow past level 100, however this will cost Travel Points and resources. You can also level up a land thats within 500m from you by pressing on the land you want to level and and pressing the small flag button found on the popup that appears. 3. Playing the game Now you have the most basic idea of the game and it's time to start playing. Just hit that flag button every 15 minutes to level or plant a new flag. This might sound a little bit dull at first glance but take note that this is just a quick guide to get you started on your journey. There's tons more to the game but I will not include them all in this guide as it would become far too long. Refer to the links below for more info on the different aspects and features of the game. Anything missing from this guide will be found there. [Link] [Link] There are several different tactics on how, where and when to plant but that is up to you to decide which route you want to go. If you need advice or help, hit us up here on the forums or on Discord. We are happy to guide you through all the different possibilities. 4. Resources There are 3 main resources, 1 premium resource and 2 point based resources. The main ones are 'Money', 'Personnel' and 'Supplies' and they are used to build buildings, merge lands, making power-ups and much more. All of these three resources can be found on the map. Everytime you hit that flag button a random resource will spawn somewhere on the map within a 5km radius. There is also a possibility that a resource station spawns somewhere in your vicinity. All three resources have their own resource station which can be captured if within 500m of it and pressing the flag button on the resource stations popup. These are however limited and will despawn after a certain time. To collect from these just go into your "MY LANDS" tab found on the top and in this tab at the bottom click the "COLLECT RESOURCES". The main way to collect resources is to walk up to a resource on the map and clicking the big yellow button at the bottom of your screen with a hand and "PICK UP" label. Your default pickup range is 100m but this can be increased with perks and power-ups. Power-ups are made using supplies at an assembly plant that can be built on your base. These are only temporary but still very important as you can activate up to 10 powerups for stacked effect. For example if you stack 10 super magnets you will get a 3km pickup radius which is a huge difference to the default 100m. Aim for these to collect resources fairly easily. You can also build a 'Tracking Satellite' on your base which lets you remotely collect any resource that has spawned on your lands. The tracking satellite uses one personnel to gather the resources. You will need resources to advance further into the game. Lands require a building to be built or upgraded for every 10 levels. You can access the construction tab on a land by clicking on the flag and at the popup click on the middle button with the tools. To learn more about resources, refer to this thread: https://forum.domination.earth/index.php?/topic/710-everything-you-need-to-know-resources/ 5. Epilogue This guide is a quick rough draft made for those who just started the game. It is being updated until I feel it is done. I will also be making another one for the more advanced stuff later on as I have the time. Please forgive me for any grammar, spelling or other language related errors as English is not my native language. Also any feedback on this quick guide is very much appreciated. If you feel something is missing or something should be removed, let me know. You can always DM me here on the forums or on Discord @ValarMorghulis Special thanks to the people on Discord helping me with this guide. Especially @Republic of America @Irrelevents and everybody else who contributed! // ValarMorghulis
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