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  1. Hi all, An exciting release has landed onto the Play Store and will appear on the App Store shortly: we are saying goodbye to our old "Goals" page and hello to the brand new "Quests" tab! That's right, starting from version 2.3.0 "Domination: Earth" features a system of quests and a new tutorial process based on these. Here's a brief summary of what you need to know about quests: Each "Quest" consists of one or more requirements and rewards. Requirements can include almost anything: from resource and item collection to attacking the AI and establishing new bases. After registering a new account your quest log will contain two quests: start of the tutorial chain ("Establishing First Base") and one regular quest. Existing accounts / veteran players who've completed the legacy tutorial will be prompted to complete the new tutorial after performing one of the basic actions (capturing new land, upgrading a building etc.), so don't worry, no one's going to miss out on rewards. Your Quest Log allows to store 3 concurrently active quests (unless expanded using Unobtainium), but all tutorial quests are "free" and will not occupy a quest slot. Completing / abandoning a quest will free up a slot to start a new quest accordingly. Please note that the "One quest to rule them all" is not part of the tutorial chain and does occupy a quest slot until completed. Quest progress is recorded after the quest is started. So if a quest asks to collect 50 Supplies and you already have 1,000 in your possession you're still going to have to get out and collect 50 more to complete the quest. New quests appear all around the world just like resources, but unlike resources they cannot be collected via drones, land captures or items. Each quest has to be collected manually from no further than 100m by using the small "hand" button on its marker tooltip. There are roughly 3 quests available per 15x15km area at all times, so the 3 quests you see around you are the quests you'll have to collect (their number will not change). However, quests reset every 7 days, so if the current set is completely inaccessible they will reappear elsewhere eventually. Most quest contents are procedurally generated and non-tutorial quests can be repeated more than once, so you may encounter the same quest again, but its objectives and rewards are likely to differ every time. Additionally, the same quest may appear as time-based (and can be failed) or infinite depending on your luck. If you fail a time-based quest its timer can be restarted using Unobtainium. The current quest progress will not reset and you'll be able to continue completing the quest from where you left off. Completion of the basic tutorial and a couple of other quests offer Unobtainium in reward. A new "Quests" map filter is now available on Earth View allowing to show/hide quest locations. Additionally, the following non-quest adjustments were made: As many countries around the world are lifting the COVID-19 related restrictions we've lowered the chance to obtain Exploration Drones from scrapping, so you will see a lot fewer of them from now on. However, an occasional quest may offer Exploration Drones as rewards now. Added new icons for items, regional leaderboards and travel points. Each land and base now has a "Manage" button in their context menus on Earth View allowing easier access to the building list. "Scrap Items" can now be accessed via a button on Earth View that has replaced the old "Goals" button. Maximum level of all Perks has been increased. As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback!
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