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Found 9 results

  1. Here’s how oil deposits could work in game. They could be points of interest that stay around for a week and when captured they give you coins/hour and ubotantium/day. So the amount for both would be for the devs to decide, but I think this would be a cool feature, please share your opinion below, have a good day!
  2. Hi all, A small update just went live featuring the following changes: Alliance resource sharing is no longer limited by distance from your ally. The only requirement for sharing to work is for your ally to be active in the game within the hour, but they can be anywhere on the globe to receive a portion of your resources. "Land Capture" action (all Flag buttons) no longer collect resources and will not use activated items, so no charges will be expended upon capturing new lands. Resource capture is now only possible to do via the "Hand" button. Resource stations can still be captured using the small "Flag" button (remote capture), but once again, that action will not collect any resources other than the station and this will not affect any items that are currently active. The update is server-side and is already live, so no new app versions are required to be downloaded. As always, please post if you have any questions.
  3. Hi all, I have received a wave of emails / PMs and forum notifications about a new issue that appeared this morning; as many of you know it manifested in a form of "freezing land captures" (or "freezing upgrades") where pressing any of the Flag buttons resulted in a "Please wait..." message, but nothing else. This issue was caused by the fact that the OpenStreetMap servers used to identify your location got overloaded and were not responding to some requests, hence the issue was intermittent. Unfortunately, such quality of service is unacceptable for our needs, so we're once again moving to a different Geocoding provider: OpenCage. Version 1.19.6 implements this change and replaces OSM with OpenCage Geocoding, so if you are suffering from "capture freezes" please download the update as soon as you can. Additionally, we've implemented dynamic provider switching, so if the same happens with OpenCage again in the future we will be able to substitute it with another service provider without requiring you to download any more updates. Finally, you will now see a bit more diversity in land names as they will now include street & road names where applicable. 1.19.6 is now available on the Play Store and App Store. As always, please post if you have any questions or concerns!
  4. How do I capture instead of destroying either AI land or that belonging to another player? For example, their was a missile launcher close to me belonging to forces of terror. I got to the location but couldn't capture it's land as it was protected. So I launched an attack. After 1st wave it had no personnel or defences. The next wave destroyed the structure. Was I supposed to retreat at 1st wave and return to capture land once defences and structures were destroyed? Man, I wanted that missile launcher. Thanks for your help community.
  5. Time for another update! Look for 1.14.2 on the Play Store within the hour; the same version will be added to the App Store later this week. Featuring: it is now possible to capture resource stations remotely within 500m from yourself by pressing the "Flag" button inside their tooltip window (appearing when pressed on the station's map icon). This has been done because of the fact that too many stations appear in wild areas that have zero cell coverage, but unlike standalone resources stations can't be picked up using item bonuses, so there was just no way to reach some of them! Each marker tooltip now contains a "Distance" indicator, showing how far that resource/land/station is from yourself. Distance is calculated from the blue dot appearing on Earth View and will update in real-time as the dot moves. Hopefully this helps a bit in terms of planning when and what to activate item-wise, as well as which lands can be upgraded remotely. Tracked Players window should once again be functional. Allies and Force of Terror now have differently coloured flags on Earth View: blue for Allies and brown-ish orange for the Ai. As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback.
  6. I have L1 enemy land "Хомяк" near my L20 land, and I have Guard Tower. When I click "Open fire", map opens and I can see enemy's L1 base "Хомяк" within my attack radius circle. First, it shows me "Land of "Хомяк" is at the lowest possible level and cannot be damaged further! Use army to capture this land". After 1 second it shows "There are no enemy lands within this building's attack radius". So how do I capture enemy land using army?
  7. Hi all, As of today we're trying out a new variant of game mechanics implemented as a result of multiple suggestions indicating problems with allies being unable to capture the same piece of land: this restriction makes it hard for new players to join when their friends are already playing actively in the same city, plus makes the game playable for only 1 person out of a group of friends travelling together. But as you may remember, prior to that restriction we've been receiving complaints essentially stating that "circles within circles within circles is nothing but a big confusing mess", so we've had to look for a compromise. Accordingly, the following game mechanics changes are now in place (no app updates are required to be downloaded, this change is server-side): Allies can once again capture land in the same spot and are no longer restricted by each other. Among all nested lands only the highest level is seen. You will always see your land (regardless of its level), but all other viewers will only see the highest level land captured by one of the allies. If you are the owner of the biggest piece of land you will not see any nested lands of other allies within, but you will see smaller enemy lands in your territory. Accordingly, if I'm looking at a bunch of nested 3rd party lands of people whom I don't know, I will only see the biggest one and to attack the smaller lands I'll have to deal with the big one first. If one of the smaller nested lands is mine I will see it plus the biggest land within which it's located (so I always know how many more levels I need for my land to become the largest/visible one). If I am the owner of the biggest land I will only see enemy lands inside it. I know this new logic may seem hard to process at first, but I'm hopeful that it will bring the cooperative spirit back into "Domination: Earth" and helps all the new players starting in overpopulated areas. On top of these changes a bunch of fixes has been released improving the accuracy of base radius (some players complained that their land capture attempts still increase base defences even though visually players are located outside the base circle) and allowing to upgrade lands positioned within your base radius: as long as the upgraded land is closer to yourself than the base center your land capture will target that land instead of a base. Please post if you have any questions or feedback!
  8. How do I capture lands? Please tell me
  9. Hello everyone, Following feedback received from our players we've decided to perform an overhaul of the land capture mechanics and made some big changes! The most important issue we've tried to solve is the ability to "capture the world" (or a very large chunk of it at least ) without leaving one place that you visit regularly (e.g. work, school, university). Because "Domination: Earth" promotes travel (hiking, cycling and other forms of real-world exploration) we really didn't want frequent travelers to lose in comparison to those who have the ability to check in frequently from the same location. Additionally, it's been pointed out that enormous lands which you can create in only a couple of days of active gameplay cause real discomfort in areas with 5 or more players (we've literally started to run out of space in some corners of Earth!). Although we do support wars and player-vs-player interactions, living in a constant fear of "collateral damage" in a city that gets crowded after only a few check-ins isn't what we planned either. Accordingly, the following changes were made: Land Capture radius has been reduced to 5m per level, maximum land level is set to 100. It is no longer possible to capture the entire country from behind your office desk by checking in daily at work, and creating super-sized lands (i.e. at some point you will have to travel elsewhere ). This will also reduce the level of tension between players in small towns and villages, as more people will be able to coexist peacefully with a larger number of lands fitting within one area. Maximum base level has been increased to 100, so bases can grow a lot further than before. Land expansion is now connected to the constructed buildings and their upgrades. To reach maximum land level you will need to support that land with defensive and offensive structures. First 10 levels of land have no requirements, but every 10 levels after that will ask for 1 more building or upgrade. Defensive structures (Guard Towers, Missile Launchers, Nuclear Silos) can now attack lands immediately adjacent to yours (center of the enemy land no longer has to be located within your land's radius for the guard towers to function). Accordingly, small lands suffering from a large land nearby will now be able to retaliate as soon as the larger land's border touches yours. Presence of a Guard Tower or other offensive structure now blocks damage taken from enemies capturing land nearby. The only way to damage a protected land now is to destroy the Guard Tower with an army first. Resource icons now show the exact number of that resource located in the area. Some tutorial steps have been switched around, with wall construction and resource collection stages appearing sooner. Please post if something doesn't make sense or if you have any questions! Remember, "Domination: Earth" and its development is driven by player feedback, so your opinion matters!
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