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Found 2 results

  1. The new flags introduced in 2.0 are very large, way too large. Also, they comprise of two squares ("waving" flag) which, in crowded area, look like two separate flags, cluttering the screen. Suggestion 1: Simplify the flag The waving effect is not realy visible because the tone differences between the front and back (folding) side of the flag are very small. Perhaps we could resign from this effect completely? It's still a nice flag, but much clearer now. Suggestion 2: Use flag image to show sanboxes and turrents The UI shows us either flag or a building (sandbags, turret or missile launcher). This is quite inconsistent. On large areas, you end up with a mix of simple green elements (some flags) and rich colourful objects (resources, resource stations, flags with buidlings). I would like to suggest a following solution: for a flag, always use the flag; if there is a special building on a flag, show it using the flag (like a shape or an icon) instead of replacing the flag completely for standalone objects (missile launchers, turrents, sandbags) use a similar icon based on a different shape Example implementation: flags with sandbags are squares, without sandbags - triangles icon left to flag shows the offensive building standalone sandbags and offensive buildings use same icon/shape without flag, yet with smaller pixel-like flag to depict ownership (useful in dense areas and overlaping large lands) This itroduces some more information on the screen and may seem harder to new players, but I'd say the existing system is far more complicated (sometimes same icon is a flag, sometimes not, etc.). Now at least a flag is always a flag:
  2. Time for another update! Look for 1.14.2 on the Play Store within the hour; the same version will be added to the App Store later this week. Featuring: it is now possible to capture resource stations remotely within 500m from yourself by pressing the "Flag" button inside their tooltip window (appearing when pressed on the station's map icon). This has been done because of the fact that too many stations appear in wild areas that have zero cell coverage, but unlike standalone resources stations can't be picked up using item bonuses, so there was just no way to reach some of them! Each marker tooltip now contains a "Distance" indicator, showing how far that resource/land/station is from yourself. Distance is calculated from the blue dot appearing on Earth View and will update in real-time as the dot moves. Hopefully this helps a bit in terms of planning when and what to activate item-wise, as well as which lands can be upgraded remotely. Tracked Players window should once again be functional. Allies and Force of Terror now have differently coloured flags on Earth View: blue for Allies and brown-ish orange for the Ai. As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback.
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