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Found 3 results

  1. So I had a couple ideas for ways I wanted to promote the game as i travel about.. Mostly I've been waiting for 2.0 to drop before implementing them but also I've been thinking about an improved referral system. Currently it really only functions for ppl that are literally standing next to each other, and yes, I remember the other week when we were sharing our QR codes in discord, but for the sake of argument let's just say that I don't have a printer (because I don't ). I like the ability to scan the qr code for rss's like scrapping, but I'm wondering if we can improve its functionality. Granted I'm not particularly skilled in these things but isn't it possible to have one QR code that if you scanned, it would take you to the listing in the app store, and I guess you'd have to scan it again to complete the referral, but even after, it would still work for your scrapping purposes.. The idea being that I want to make stickers with my QR referral code on them and go slap em up on bus stops and things that function like old phone booths used to.. But it needs to be idiot proof because..you know.. Ppl are idiots I think even that Valar had made some printouts a couple months ago right after I joined that just had like the game logo and his QR on it. Granted I'd also like to increase the rewards or suggest that we go all Amway on it like a pyramid scheme .. I'd love to see something where if you got into a war that all the ppl you've recruited would rally like 5% of their troops to your banner.. But invariably that idea just doesn't fly. Or maybe just toss a little ubt at ppl when they do the lvl 10/extra bases thing. We need to get ppl talking about this again once 2.0 drops. Everybody likes a little more loot, but really I just want that QR code to work a little better. You guys know the drill, if there's anything else you're thinking along these lines.. Grizzly, Do NOT ask for a Navy!
  2. Hi, all. After played game few days, i hav some idaes. 1. (Pic1). When i'm stand at the blue piont. I can upgrade the land "Two". But then the land "two" have a maximum level of the current buildings. I can't bulding new element from blue point. I'm must out from the circle of the land "one". Bulding new element and continue upgrade land "two". I thing will be good, if the land showed on the picture as a wave belonged to the land "two". 2. about warehouse. For examole. I have 10/10 items in player and 10 items (lev 1 warehouse ) on the warehouse. I can't make the change items between the player and the warehouse. I must go out from the base, use 1,2,3 items and after returne to the base and make a rotation of items. I think it's absurd.
  3. I'm loving the game so far, although I wish it had a bigger following. Perhaps an invite link for users to give out to their friends would be beneficial. The user would get a little reward for inviting someone. It's something I've seen other apps do. Might be a cool idea.
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