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  1. Hi all, An exciting new update is about to launch, initially as an in-app update for early testing (later today) and next week+ as version 2.7.0 on the App Store. Edited: Play Store version 2.7.0 is now live. This is a major update featuring a number of changes to the core game mechanics and several feature additions. Characters & Items. A new type of collectibles has been added to the game in the form of Characters. Collectible characters appear at random locations, same as resources, and can be picked up when standing close enough and by using the "Pick up" button.
  2. Hi all, Another update just got released; this one is on our server, so no need to download any new apps - it is available straight away in all versions. From now on all Warehouses built on all bases are connected into one single "Warehouse Network", meaning that their storage space and maximum amount of items is shared. Depositing something on your base in London will make the same item available for retrieval from your base in New York, and vice versa. Their levels are also combined, meaning that a level 2 Warehouse in London and a level 3 Warehouse in New York give you a co
  3. Version 1.6 of "Domination: Earth" has launched on the Play Store earlier today and will appear in a couple of days on the App Store for Apple devices. This update includes a bunch of exciting changes, such as: A new building named "Assembly Plant", allowing to manufacture random tools and power-ups extending your collection capabilities and helping to pick up otherwise inaccessible resources. This building is only accessible when you are present on the base that built it, so make sure to equip yourself with as many items as possible before heading outside to hunt reso
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