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  1. Hello, this game is clearly at the beginning of its history and I think a lot of features will be implemented or improved. However I cannot find any clue on what they could be. Is there any particular reason to keep the future developments secret? I see that there could be some disadvantages in telling it to the public: - you would be exposed to a lot of coomments giving suggestions and critics. Everybody would feel authorized to say that they would do different things in a better way. -If some change is decided on the roadmap, you might be expected to explain it to the public. However I can see also some pro: - I think the discussion is always a good thing. Knowing the future developments would keep people talking and always raise the interest on the future of this game. -if somebody after playing for weeks feels a little boring, they can be excited again looking to the features that will be implemented. -you do not need to take seriously every comment of everybody. But in the big number you may get also some useful feedback. So why not making a public roadmap for the features that will be implemented?
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