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  1. Thinking again about providing players with any decent incentive to keep clicking while in school/work, and also about somehow easing growth for lategamers and keeping them in game. Let's say we could implement an additional, special utility structure. I will call it "Settlers Expedition" (SE), and describe it's features as follows: SE will behave as any other utility structure. Grow 1lv per capture up to lv1000. SE has special feature, unlocking at lv100, called "Send Settlers Expedition": upon activating this feature, you may select any land that is within any remote* base radius (ie. other than the one that is linked to the land the US is built in), upon activating this feature, SE is discarded (destroyed) the selected land gains levels equal to the SE level, divided by 10 and rounded bottom; this makes it minimum 10 levels and maximum 100 levels surplus levels (over lv100) should still count, given the amount of effort one needs to build up SE, but should still require additional resources to complete (as in merging lv100+ base with other bases), land level gain should increase the remote base level points the same way as local upgrade would do (or perhaps with some modifier, if it would otherwise sound too powerful). Such feature will offer players additional possibilities and game choices, especially to those players that are otherwise covered under their lv1000-or-so home land: sufficiently grown players would be able to expand remotely, yet still only within areas that they have previously visited, players could spend the SE right away or could store them for emergencies, like when being attacked over remote territories, since this would allow several offensive options, like: growing the land that is adjacent to enemy lands, dealing damage, growing the land further by takeover of intersecting enemy lands and merging them into own, growing base capacity and thus the amount of soldiers that could defend the remote territories; players would have a larger variety of choices when settling remote bases: they could, as they used to, build lands in constellations that allow them to merge them with highly evolved buildings, and thus rapidly upgrade remote bases (focus on expansion), they also could focus on building single strong bases and build up SE to spend on growing their main land in their home base, that is otherwise really hard to grow (focus on home strengthening), such players would be encouraged to settle and travel to remote bases to grow their own, and given the statistical distances, it will much more likely be some interesting city, not dangling in a middle-of-nowhere for several hours on the edge of their current land , remote trading players would have an additional incentive to trade, as this will give them a better possibility to merge the traded lands in future and also to have some gain over remote base lv. This feature could also benefit from the one discussed before, especially if the radius of remote utility structure were adjusted enough to allow for a maximum of 2-3 structures being grown in parallel. This is by far a wild idea and I will off course fully understand if it gets discarded especially since it would likely require quite a lot of UI improvements (to make remote land selection easy enough). ---- *) This is to still encourage players to move - they will not be able to indefinitely grow their base while sitting home.
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