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There is already the ability to remove a utility structure. I think that the request is to avoid a full-on deletion in favor of changing types and preserving the level and thus the work put into it.

That is basically the idea behind that. Semi-permanent resource stations disappear after a period of time. But new will spawn from time to  time (with a very high chance when you level up your base or

Yup, this is a known issue; will do my best to address it in one of the upcoming releases! Sorry, I think I will need a little more information than that!

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Sometimes i eske up and my army in Tvedestrand is gone or heavily damaged by FOT. I thougth the AI would slowly grow and not attack when IT is stronger. I had over 100 in army stationed in Tvedestrand and i keep loosing them. Hundreds of ppl die to this. 



The AI is only going to ignore you if your combinedforces are lower than FOT's current base. 
I can see that you have close to 2000 troops in total, so that's clearly more than the 43 the AI had.

If it only attacked when it had fewer soldiers than your current land/base it would be extremely easy to manipulate and, frankly speaking, render the AI completely harmless and obsolete (what's the threat and challenge in that?!).

Just wipe its base out and you'll get a break from all the attacks. 
Additionally, this is a perfectly valid question that some new players may be curious to know about, so next time please post on the forum so that this knowledge can be shared! 

Best Regards,

 But, i know how the AI work.

I just wanted to tell you.

I kninda want to have a system in my army. Could There be an option  to have a automatic system. A system you could be able to Twist and turn on/off. Example with two bases:

Reserves {{chosen_amount}} 

Base one (option 1, percentage of troops here) (option 2, Max amount of troops stationed here) 

Base two has May have the same options.


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Anti artillery would be some kind og missile or mabye IT is anti missile.

Mabye you would need a warningsystem. Please make us possible to be able to trade with boats (cost supplies). And make stationed artillery that protect land around the land IT is on really good. Add rebels? Mabye you need sone things that make your ppl happy? Also a army. Mabye add the ability to make a flag or something? Special Unit? Generals? 

I got more Ideas and is there any Way i can help?

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I'm sorry Grizz. this thread just needs to stop existing.

Your Ideas are good but they need to be organized and this is not the place to do it. You should consolidate all your ideas into a single post, on a single thread (read: not this one). Some of your ideas are legitimately good and some are just terrible. Make it easier on anyone who wants to read these to be able to read one post without constant clicking and scrolling. 


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@Mr D


Port to make ships. (Port must be at land, but close to water)

Submarine is good against ships. Frigate is good against submarine. Cruiser/destroyer is good against frigate etc. Landing craft for soldiers.

The specifications could be better ik.


I got lands in the water and would really appreciate a navy. It would be much more realistic. Sandbags in the water? Wtf. What about seamines? 

What if you needed landing craft to get to an island if the area in not connected to the base land? 

Ships on patrol? Paint area to control, close to base, close to lands, choose lands, or your whole water area? The bigger stretch the less likely to be able to figth full strength first and less likely to find the enemy.

It could be so much more realistic and better. More to do for players and a meaning to go to some specific locations to be able to build special stuff.

Ability to have a navy is so nice. More you could use peacekeeping points for!!!!!

Got questions? I may do some work for you. With the numbers etc. 

Only way to invade island would then be via the water first so the island could maybe have costal fortifications?


More for the leaderboard too.

More options for warfare.


And can you please add an option to join a clan? May for now just give an tag and nothing else


What about having an own page for buildings and units etc. Like stats etc.

A reason for people leaving after some time may be the little you can do. The ability to have an navy will give much more debt and will not throw it all at them. Locations will now have more value. So it's not the same all around.

 Doesn't it seem weird that we can have an army but no upkeep? What about no food and low storage because food spoils. Islands give high income because of fishing shack. Food do not trade. The cost of no food= 40% weaker army or something?

Farms would naturally make food 

Mountains is hard to make food and snowy areas.

Perk for higher food income.

The more we can use perks for=the longer ppl stay because it will always be something that could be better. There will also be a bigger reason for strategy and what you focus on.

You will get some financial support

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Can you make tools so we can mark an area so we easily can find out the amount of area our land covers etc.

And again please make it faster to build/upgrade walls on individual lands. It takes me hours. A building that has a chance to upgrade? Takes rss and all that but is activated when u press that get rrs bar (every 60min)

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