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Domination: Earth

2.7.3 Miscellaneous fixes and additions

Mr. D

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Hi all,

Version 2.7.3 will appear on the Play Store soon and will become available via the automated in-app update facility within minutes.


  • It is now possible to assign characters to Command Centres from the "Menu"->"Characters" window.
    "Assign" button lists all bases with a Command Centre built that has at least one available slot for your character.
    If your base isn't listed then you either haven't built a Command Centre there yet or it is already full and you'll need to unassign some characters first.
  • Using the "directions" (compass) facility to view location of a land/character/item/etc. on Google Maps will now place the associated coordinates in your device's clipboard, allowing to paste them into any other navigation app directly.
  • Character inventory now lists all items, including the higher-level ones that the character cannot equip yet.
    Usable items will appear at the top of the list, while the remaining ones underneath with a greyed out "Equip" button and a red title.
  • It is now possible to collect items and characters remotely using Unobtainium, but the cost of that action is linked to your distance from the collected item and its rarity.
    This is an "emergency facility" for situations when you've travelled a long way to collect an item only to discover that you're still 50-100 meters away from it and there's a fence/impassable terrain/private property between you and the desired item.

    There is no magnet-like functionality planned for equipment & characters to prevent "remote vacuuming" of items without leaving your home (as it happens with resources), but an Unobtainium-powered facility should be the next best thing that is meant to be used rarely and only when being close to a specific item, as otherwise things will get fairly unaffordable.

    If the difference between your collection radius and the item's location is less than 100 meters the cost of that pickup is 1 UBT (plus rarity-based modifier).
    That cost increases per every 100 meters, so collecting a Unique item miles away from your current location will be exorbitant on purpose to provide players local to the item with a greater chance to collect it.
    However, there is a cap of 200 UBT on any such collection.

Miscellaneous fixes:

  • Added the missing description of stamina cost to Exploration and Diplomacy skills.
  • Removed legacy text about item theft from the warehouse description. It is highly unlikely that this feature is coming back, so any items stored in the warehouse are now officially safe. ;)
  • Adjusted description of the item scrapping process and increased the base amount of supplies received from scrapping by x5.
  • "Army: Mobilizing" quest now shows the correct price per army unit.

As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback!

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Imagine player having specific setup of characters of his liking (like: commando, medic, spy) of ordinary rarity, advanced to a high level (let's say 10).

Currently, finding even a rare/unique/legendary character - of a class within the desired setup - makes it a very difficult choice for our player. Would it be better to keep going with invested character, or replace him and grind from zero?

No idea how high the legendary/unique bonuses are, but based on the items, I'd say noone would really choose a high-rarity fresh character to start from scratch; given the present experience with characters appearing on the map, I'd also doubt a really good character of a desired rarity appearing early on. With most player having limited number of bases and perhaps no resources or will to store that many reserve characters (nor training them for other base, because this hampers the training of the main group), finding the new, rare character hardly seems fun. I'd say more of the disappointment because of the dilemmas involved and no really good use for such character - unless you are lucky enough to pick him up very early on.

What about implementing a scheme that would allow player to "sacrifice" any current character to transfer it's experience to another character of the same class?

Some restrictions should apply to prevent abuse (like, training 3x same type of characters to then "bind them all"). With above in mind, I would say that the resulting experience of the target character should be capped (not exceed) the experience of the source character (eg. only the difference should be added).

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