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Domination: Earth

Characters, ideas and suggestions.

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Just a thread to throw ideas on adding to the characters and make them easier to use, including the idea of toggling skills or alternatively adding in roles that can be toggled for characters, which will dictate how and when those skills trigger.

character roles.

- Combat: triggers attack skills/ melee, pistols, rifles. Allows the triggering of leadership (no one follows someone who hides behind the troops). Disallows the use of medicine, as they’re focused on surviving.

-support: triggers support abilities- medicine, logistics, strategy, won’t trigger combat abilities or leadership.

-domestic: triggers- construction, diplomacy, economy, exploration, repair.

Any further ideas would be great :)


as an added thing, experience gain- we currently get exp for deploys, or force of terror troops. Perhaps the addition of extra exp for destroying FoT lands for characters, provided they attack it (otherwise we have exp farming made easy), the exp amount need not be large, 5 exp per level of the land, and 7exp for walls, towers and launchers.


skills: we currently have

profficient: 100 exp per rank.

everything else: 200 per rank.

maybe have 3 skills as a non proficient for each class of character at 300 per rank, so they still can be levelled, but takes longer ;)

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extra stuff for looking into.

character class specials.

just as an idea, id assume this would be entirely a fair while away, but spy is a good candidate for something like this.

Extra fun for strategic players- spy-

allow a trigger to scout a FoT land or base to see if anyone is home, cost- 45 stamina due to strategic and of course for story reasons sneaking is a lot of effort. Maybe have sabotage dictate success levels?

also to do with spy, it could also be utilised to sabotage player buildings (for those with a PvP mind set), with a % chance of success. Failure will flag you as the culprit. It will also disable the spy for 48 hours. Furthermore, this action will use 75 stamina. Essentially a cool down, so on success, you can use him again.
sabotaged player buildings will be inoperable for 24 hours (that nuke silo for example).

If done to force of terror, well, let’s take suggestions on what that could accomplish.

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I still think having a default character with your username that you get to pick a class for would be a cool addition, but it sounds like Mr D isn’t a fan of the idea. I can dream though…

Other than that, I think it’d be good to have some way to make low level items relevant in some way once you find upgrades. Item trading was one suggestion but I’m not a big fan of that, so instead maybe some way of either leveling old items or combining them with better items could be added? Maybe (a lot of) xp could be spent to level items instead, or a new facility to upgrade items using a lot of money and time could be added.

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I could get behind that idea, levelling up old items would certainly be a great thing, or even some sort of combining system 🤔

how would it be costed though, would we use peace keeping points or general resources? Currently peace keeper points are stretched with the new command centres and character levelling (and let’s face it, FoT is starting to get preeeeeeeety scarce in some zones. Perhaps 1 common item to burn and upgrade 1 common item (same for green/ blue/ purple/ orange), stats wise items are currently very swingy (I’ve picked up items of the same level that had a huge difference in stats, ie 20 charisma and the other having 35 dex).

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I agree that peacekeeping points are stretched way too thin with all the added uses for them, combined with the reduction in points from killing FoT soldiers, so this added system should be based mainly on general resources. There was a new player in my area (Duluth) that stopped playing because they said it was impossible to get points, and to be honest I get where they’re coming from.

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