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Domination: Earth

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Hi all,

Version 2.7.6 is now available on the Play Store and has been deployed via the in-app updater to iOS devices, featuring a number of fixes and enhancements:


  • It is now possible to advance character level ("Level up") from the Command Centre building.
  • Earth View camera now automatically follows your position, unless moved manually. After recentering your position the automatic following resumes.
  • Fixed an issue causing an infinite loading of Earth View after switching the Map Style.
  • Fixed an incorrect icon for Epic characters on the map.
  • Character attributes related to class skills are now highlighted with green on carried items and characters cards.

Please post if you have any question or feedback. 😉


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6 hours ago, BrianK said:

I've noticed that when you have camera follow turned on and hit the Pick Up button, that then turns it off and you have to turn it back on. 

Indeed, the follow switches off when the game highlights any spot on the map (e.g. after tapping a message, viewing a base, generating a resource etc.).

I will need to add an exception for "Pick Up" though, thanks for reporting this to me! ;)

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