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Inventory sort enhancement request

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Would you please consider a consistent sort order for character equipment on the Inventory page?  For example, by highest level (i.e. Level 10) down to lowest level (i.e. Level 1).  Ideally, there would be a secondary/tertiary sort, like by Item type (preferably in the same order they appear on the character item screen) and rarity.  I.e.

Level 10 Weapon Rare
Level 10 Weapon Uncommon
Level 10 Head Epic
Level 10 Head Ordinary
Level 10 Chest Legendary
Level 9 Weapon Uncommon
Level 9 Tool Belt Ordinary
Level 9 Personal Storage Rare
Level 1 ...

Or at the very least, stop the inventory list from changing screen position and/or moving items around in the list when you transfer one item to the active list?  It's maddening trying to add new equipment to a leveled up character from storage if you have any reasonably sized inventory.


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This feature hasn't just been considered, it is sitting comfortably in my task list. :)

Unfortunately, time available for development is non-linear for me and I'm experiencing a severe shortage at the moment, so I cannot comment on the exact delivery dates of this feature.
But it is definitely planned. ;)

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