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Domination: Earth

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Hi all,

Version 2.7.7 should get deployed via the in-app updater to all devices and will appear on the Play Store & App Store in the near future.


  • Facility to sort inventory, warehouse and character items by level and rarity, with the ability to switch primary & secondary sort keys.
    Items of equal level and rarity will be automatically sorted by their equipment slot.
  • Character skill progress bars now show two separate values: current skill level and modifier total (incl. attribute and item bonuses).
  • Issue causing the duplicate characters and items being picked up should now be resolved.
    This should also prevent building upgrades from exceeding the maximum level.
  • Camera will now resume following your position after a pick up or land capture (with a delay of a couple of seconds).
  • Corrected message appearing when a Tracking Satellite is unable to collect resources due to exceeding the storage capacity.
  • Permission issues / lack of local storage space on device should no longer cause "My Lands" to freeze (the "infinite loading" problem).
  • Deleting character items via the warehouse is now fixed and should no longer withdraw the selected item.
  • Corrected sabotage text appearing in combat log to prevent confusion.

Please post if you have any questions or feedback. ;)

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Thanks for adding sorting for Items. It does help with searching for what to use.

Long-term project idea: sorting and perhaps filtering of other lists, specifically Characters and Bases. Currently Characters are listed in ascending order by acquisition, but sorting by level and rarity makes sense, although no rush as it will take a while for many of us to get collections large enough.

Base sorting would be highly appreciated. Sorting by distance should be the default, but often other properties would make sense. I can think of by base size, by army size, by defence size (useful when making constructions). Ascending and descending modes should be available as well.

The Transfer Army menu should also be sortable. Currently it is in ascending order by establishment, which makes the menu cumbersome. The default should be by distance, much like the menu in assigning characters. Plus, the list should exclude bases that are at maximum capacity.

Just a few thoughts for the long term.

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10 hours ago, LWHsieh said:


I still got this My Land loading forever...

Can you please try switching the following profile settingĀ off ("Cache land data on device") and tell me if the problem persists? ;)

No description available.


In any case, I apologize for the inconvenience, investigation into thisĀ matter will continue!

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