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Domination: Earth

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Hi all,

We are conducting a short survey among our players to find out more about who likes the game (this will help us to advertise in the right places and avoid annoying those who wouldn't enjoy playing DE) and any potential improvements.

The survey should only take a few minutes and all participants will be awarded with 3 units of Unobtainium (plus my personal gratitude), as well as entered into a draw to win 50 more Unobtainium! 😉


Unobtainium will be awarded at the end of each week as it's a manual process, and once we accumulate sufficient responses I will post in this thread with the Unobtainium raffle date.
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All players who completed the questionnaire until this point have now been awarded with 3 Unobtainium.
Thank you very much for participating and your valuable input, it has already given us some food for thought! ;)

Next round of awards & survey progress review will happen after the 25th of June (if no further answers are recorded this is also when we'll do the raffle!).

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Alright, another round of Unobtainium rewards has been issued!

As more people completed the questionnaire this week we're going to add a few bonus days to the survey and perform a raffle on the 2nd of July.
Winner will be chosen at random and announced in this thread. ;)

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My apologies for a delay with the raffle, we've had a sudden influx of new survey entries.

And the results are finally in!

Congratulations to Echo~, the winner of an additional 50 UBT awarded for completing the survey!

Thank you all for participating and playing "Domination: Earth", I am sure that there will be additional ways to earn more Unobtainium in the future. ;)

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