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Domination: Earth
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Transfer Troops?


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All of your lands are protected by troops stationed on your primary base, as long as you've enabled the "Defend surrounding lands" option. :)
When you're attacked, stationed army will automatically travel to each land that is being targeted by enemy and fight there.

"Transfer army" is only needed if you have more than one base and your stationed troops cannot reach lands linked to the other bases.
That is when you need to explicitly send your army to the base abroad in order to protect it and its lands.

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One base covers all the territory around it in a 100km radius (so all the lands within that radius are protected).

To build a new base you have to leave that 100km radius circle (zoom out really far to see its extent!) and capture a land there, then upgrade it to level 5. Once you do that another base will appear in that location. ;) 

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