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Domination: Earth

Character experience points bug

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It appears if you have multiple characters assigned to a base and one of the them has maxed out their experience points meter, any characters below them in the list do not earn points for qualifying activities.

For example, I have two high level characters assigned to my main base and it takes some time to earn enough peacekeeper points to level them both up.  The first character in my list had recently been leveled and is not maxed out with experience points.  The middle character is maxed out and I don't yet have enough PK points to level.  I picked up a new Epic character and assigned it to the same base (bottom of the list).  When I planted a flag, the character at the top of the list earned XP, the middle character produced the 'max XP error' (as expected) but the new Level 1 character still had zero XP.

I unassigned the middle character, planted another flag, and the Level 1 character was credited with XP.  But obviously I lose out on any bonuses, etc. that the high-level unassigned character would have provided.

I can probably get screenshots if my description doesn't make sense.

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